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Something, some certain people have

Arvinal Messi

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of SWAG

Some thing
certain people have SWAG Swag, do you have
it? Swag isn't very easy to have
Dictionaries might have meanings like
Swag-Form of Awesome After seeing that
picture of swag anything in your head? If not, don't worry
I will make you understand First, what not to
do. Very important this rule Rule 3 Dont act like kid Finally If you did not understand

Heres something simple They are right One Form of swag See the pictures, those were a form of no SWAG. So dont be like that. #Rule 1 Be more like Now we are almost
close to swag MAN UP Just be awesome, be cool
and create swag. Each people
Have different types of swag,
Remember this.
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