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Thermal Imaging

No description

Michael Olaya

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Thermal Imaging

Dwayne Ayers
Janith Ambewela
Michael Malo
Michael Olaya
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging 101
Thermal Imaging
Science Behind Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging
Introduction to Engineering
The History of Thermal Imaging
Current and Future Applications
Things To Remember
Presented By:
Single Element Detectors
Texas Instruments, Hughes Aircraft and Honeywell, developed single element detectors that scanned scenes and produced line imagery. This helped thermal imaging gain its popularity in the military.
FLIR: Commercial Breakthrough
The Pyroelectric Vidicon tube
Little Breakthroughs
Lepton Sensor-the first IR thermal micro bolometer that is the size of the small cameras made to fit into a smart phone or tablet.

FLIR ONE- Side on attachment that gives IPhone 5 or 5s thermal imaging capabilities.
Thermograph: Sir John Herschel
Evaporograph: Kalaman Tihanyi
Current Applications
Future Applications
Environmental Control
Cool, like night vision?
Heat Signature
So how does it work?
Step 1:
Specialized camera lens focuses infrared radiation given from all objects
Step 2
Detectors detect and measure focused radiation to create a thermogram (temperature map)
Step 3
Translates the thermogram into electric impulses
Step 4
Electric impulses are sent to a signal-processing unit to be translated into usable data
Step 5
Signal processing unit sends data to a display where thermal emmision are visible to user
A method of improving visibility objects in a dark enviroment by detecting the objects infrared radiation and recreating an image based on that information.
Thin film of oil when exposed to heat pattern focused upon it, thermal image could be seen by reflected light where the interference efects of the oil film make the image visible to the eye.
First conventional IR camera developed for anti-aircraft defense in Britain, declassifed in 1956.
Made possible by the discoverty of the infrared spectrum
Forget everything you know about cameras, think sensors!
Incredible applications in military, medical, industrial use
Cheaper and more abundant... resulting in applications we can't imagine
Thank you

And let's give Dr. Brink a round of applause for a great semester.
Lean Manufacturing
The first commercial camera, the model 650 was created by AGA now known as FLIR.
A Vidicon tube is a storage-type video camera tube designed with the target material of a photoconductor.
Getting Our Hands Dirty
Near infrared camera
Fluke Ti
Cooling is necessary for the operation of the semiconductor materials used. Operate at 60-100K (-300F)

Cryogentic temp. making them super sensitive.
Based on the microbolometer.

Changes in scene temperature cause changes in the bolometer temperature which are converted to electrical signals and processed into an image.
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