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Transitions Prezi - MJ

No description

KayLee Emery

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Transitions Prezi - MJ

Transitions What is a transition? Transitions in
Cartoons Transitions in Cartoons Contrast Transition
Words Transitions are words or phrases that connect your ideas.

Transitions act like bridges between what has been read and what is about to be read.

Transitions are the glue that hold your ideas together. Common Transition Words Addition Transition Words How Do I Know If I Need To Fix My Transitions? If your writing can be described as:
Jumping around
Hard to Follow Why are transitions
important? Transitions create logical connections for the reader to follow.

They keep the reader from getting lost and confused (especially with counter-arguments)!

Transitions make your writing smooth and help your reader follow your logic. 1. Although
2. But
3. Despite
4. However
5. In contrast 1. Additionally
2. Also
3. As well as
4. Besides
5. Furthermore 6. In addition
7. Likewise
8. Moreover
9. Not only
10. Similarly 6. Instead
7. On the other hand
9. Yet Concession
Transition Words 1. Admittedly
2. Certainly
3. Clearly
4. Evidently
5. Granted 6. Naturally
7. Obviously
8. Of course
9. Undeniably
10. Understandably Cause & Effect
Transition Words 1. As a result
2. Because
3. Consequently
4. Since
5. So
6. Therefore Transition Words for Examples 1. For example
2. For instance
3. In particular
4. Specifically
5. Such as Conclusions
Transition Words 1. Finally
2. Generally
3. In brief
4. In conclusion
5. In summary Time & Order
Transition Words 1. After
2. At once
3. Before
4. During
5. First...second...third
6. First...next...then 7. If...then
8. In the meantime
9. Meanwhile Time & Order
Transition Words
Continued... 1. Often
2. Presently
3. Shortly
4. Soon after
5. Still 6. Temporarily
7. Until
8. When
9. While
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