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Biblical Theology

No description

Jackie Wakelin

on 12 July 2016

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Transcript of Biblical Theology

New Student Orientation
MA in Biblical Theology

Welcome to the MA in Biblcal Theology Program at JPCatholic!
My name is Jackie Wakelin and I am the Assistant Dean for Theology and I manage the MA in Biblical Theology and Certificate programs.

Since you aren't able to join us on campus, I wanted to take some time to orient you to the University and the faculty and staff you will come to know during your time here.

During your studies at JPCatholic I will be your point of contact and can assist you with most of your needs:

Technical eLearning assistance
Coordinating office hours with professors
Academic Planning and enrollment
858.653.6740 x1112
Monday-Friday 9-5pm PT
In October 2013, JPCatholic started holding classes at our new campus in Escondido, CA. If you wish to learn more about the move click the link below.
Sacraments on Campus:
(When classes are in session)
Mon-Fri,11am Daily Mass
Mon-Thurs, Confessions available
Daily Exposition and Adoration
Spiritual Direction by appointment
Bi-weekly Praise and Worship
Further information:
Important JPCatholic Staff to Know:
Associate Registrar:
Nicholas Heye provides quality Academic support services and maintains the integrity of academic policies and accuracy of student records.
email: nheye@jpcatholic.com
phone: 858.653.6740 x1202
Monday-Friday 9-5pm PT
Melanie Quinn is here to help you with your research needs. She is an excellent resource and has many ways in which she can assist you.
email: mquinn@jpcatholic.com
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-2pm PT
Important JPCatholic Staff to Know:
Director of Financial Aid:
Lisa Williams
858.653.6740 x1303
Lisa is committed to providing assistance to students as they plan how they will cover the cost of their attendance here at JPCatholic; however, financial aid is supplementary to the financial ability and commitment of students and their families.
Now that you're oriented to the JPCatholic campus, Sacramental Life and Support Staff, let's introduce you to your professors and get you ready to begin your Masters program!
MA in Biblical Theology Faculty:
Dr. Michael Barber:
He received a PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary, and also holds a BA in Theology and Philosophy from Azusa Pacific University and a MA from Franciscan University.

Dr. Barber was granted the mandatum by Robert Brom, while bishop of San Diego, as an ecclesial recognition of his posture and commitment to always teach in communion with the Church. He lives in San Diego with his wife Kimberly and their five children.
Dr. John Kincaid:
He received his PhD with distinction, studying under Prof. Michael Waldstein, at Ave Maria University. He received a Th.M. from Duke Divinity School and a M.A. in Theology (MA) from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Prof. Kincaid was granted the mandatum by Cirilio Flores, the late bishop of San Diego. He lives in Escondido with his wife Kristen and their five children.
Academic Calendar & Booklists
You can find the Academic Calendar on the JPCatholic website,
Verbum Bible Software
At the start of the program you will be required to purchase the JPCatholic Student Version of Verbum Bible Software. If you aren't familiar Verbum, as described on their website, is:

"...more than a digital library. By giving you unparalleled access to a vast number of Catholic books, it will transform the way you interact with the Tradition. Instead of just reading volumes individually, you can explore your entire library by topic or reference and follow ideas through multiple texts. Link from any quote to its source with a click, or double-click a word to look it up. Every word is an opportunity for deeper study."

The books and resources contained within the JPCatholic Student Version of Verbum was handpicked by Dr. Barber. He has worked closely with Verbum to provide you with this worthwhile and affordable tool.
eLearning New Student Guide
You should have received the eLearning New Student Guide. It contains key information like:
Detailed computer and technology requirements
What to expect before the quarter begins
What to expect on the first day of the quarter
What to expect on the first day of your course
How to set or reset your password
How to download audio or video files
Various other tips and tricks
I recommend you review this document before you begin the MA program and then keep it close by for reference, as needed.
Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your Masters in Biblical Theology.

Jackie Wakelin
858.653.6740 x1112
Monday - Friday, 9-5pm PT
By clicking on the link
"Class Schedule and Booklist"
you will be taken to that quarter's detailed on campus course schedule and booklists.

The Schedule will provide a lot of important detail:
On campus course day and time
Required and/or recommended books
Pre-work, if assigned, for the first week of the quarter

To navigate through this presentation, simply use the Left and Right arrows on your keyboard
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