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Copy of Chinese Cuisine and Culture

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on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Chinese Cuisine and Culture

Chinese cuisine
The chinese were the first to control fire and apply it to the cooking of food.
Chinese cuisine is based on the yin and yang philosophy of the Tao, the belief that a single guiding principle orders the universe
Chopsticks and spoons are the primary eating utensils of China. Food is cut small so they can be easily picked up
Cooking Methods!
prepared meats with cornstarch and egg whites before stir frying to retain moisture and improve sauce adherence.

Lacquered Meats
Brushing multiple layers of a flavorful, sweet marinade onto a cut of meat before roasting.


Stew meat or fish in a broth of soy sauce and water to develop a rich color and succulent taste.
Located in the northern region of China
typical ingredients include soy bean paste, dark soy sauce, rice wine, and onions, including garlic, leeks, scallions, and chives.
Northern China favors Wheat, not rice.
This region is famous for:
peking duck
moo shu pork
birds nest soup
cuisine from the neighboring provinces of Szechwan and Hunan
Cooks use szechwan pepper, garlic, scallions, five spice powder
Popular Dishes!
kung pao chicken
hot and sour soup
An introduction of chili peppers 150 years ago from South america greatly changed the cooking style of this region
situated on the pearl river, 90 miles inland from the south china sea
The cuisine of this region strives for color harmony as well as yin and yang balance.
Notable dishes!
sweet and sour pork
lemon chicken
egg foo yung
Chinese religious belief divides the world into five parts
These correspond to the five flavors-sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty
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