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No description

Sika K

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Cinder

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Rising Action
Falling Action
Character Description
Book Critique
This story was a cliffhanger so there was no resolution.
1.Cinder tries to run but the guards catch her and take her to the dungeon.
2. Dr. Erland meets her there and tells her that she is not just Lunar but the lost princess Selene.
3. Cinder cuts herself to get the tracking device out.
1. Cinder meets the prince while working and he wants her to fix his android.
2. While at the junkyard Peony is diagnosed with the plague and taken away. Cinder is "volunteered" for testing and is found to be immune. The prince asks her to the ball. She says
3. Queen Levana arrives simultaneously as Cinder figures out that Prince Kai is looking for the lost princess Selene.Queen Levena threatens to strat a war if Kai doesn't marry her. She finds out that she is Lunar.
4. To save Kai Cinder goes to the ball.

The Queen sees her and guards arrest her. With her lunar powers the queen makes Cinder want to kill herself, but the cyborg parts in Cinder cause her to shot the chandelier instead.
Cinder is a confident somewhat naive girl who only wants to be free. But on the inside she is insecure about being a cyborg and a lunar. When she falls in love with Kai she finds herself hiding more and more about herself. But really what she knew about herself was all a lie.
I really liked this book because it made you wonder about what was real and what was made up. Cinder was like a Cinderella story mixed up with a science fiction/war book and it turned out really good.
Cinder is a book that takes place in New Beijing way in the future. Cinder is a 15 year old cyborg who lives with her mother and sisters trying to survive. She works as a mechanic to provide for the family. In addition to that she is also a cyborg as a result of a hover accident.
The story begins with Cinder who is a mechanic in her store. In New Beijing a plague is claiming millions of lives, but that doesn't stop anyone from working, playing or even going to a ball. Cinders stepmother Adri makes Cinder provide the sole source of income for the family. But the workday is cut short when there is a plague outbreat in the market where she works.

Man vs. Man
Man vs. Himself
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