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How does show jumping relate to math?

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Sarah M

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of How does show jumping relate to math?

How does a parabola relate to a horse?
-horse's jump = a parabola
-equation of the path of the FEET of the horse: y = ax² + bx + c
-to have a successful jump, parabola's vertex must be higher than the highest point of the jump
What's a Parabola?
How does show jumping relate to math?
-different ways math applies to horses, focusing on the shape of a horse's jump
-forms a parabola
-represents a curved movement
-any point on the parabola is an equal distance from a fixed point (the focus) and a fixed straight line (the directrix)
example of a parabola
Basics of a horse's jump
In a good jump:
-the takeoff and landing are the same distance from the fence
-the peak the highest point of the fence
same distance
Parabola on a graph
By Sarah and Andrea
right angle triangle
Peak represents the vertex
Take off and landing points represents the x intercepts
Axis of symmetry goes through the highest point of the jump
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