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Curiosity, A Mars Rover

No description

sasha avakyan

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Curiosity, A Mars Rover

Where is the robot used? What is the work envelope? How many degrees of flexible joints?
Curiosity is used on Mars. It has 3 degrees for the work envelope. It also has 3 joints in the arm and can reached up to 3 feet in distance.
Curiosity, A Mars Rover
By: Sasha & Charisma

Is the robotic end effector multi-functional? If so, what other tasks can it perform?
Curiosity is multifunctional and can preform other tasks. Curiosity also magnifies objects, takes colored pictures, and more.
How is the Mars Rover taught to perform its task?
The rover gathers data and transfers it to scientists and engineers through a high gain antenna. This is considered auto-mated motor vehicle.
What sensors does the Mars Rover have and how does it use these sensors?
Cameras - act as eyes and show the scientists where the robot is and what it is doing
MARDI - allows it to plan routes
MASTCAM - creates video tape
MAHLI - allows to identify and test rocks or soil
There are more, but these are the greater ones, that matter more.
Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Advantages- Humans don't have to risk their lives going to explore Mars to find life.

Disadvantages- To get the Rover to Mars and return back to Earth it will take 150-300 days.
What human task or function does this robot preform?
Curiosity takes pictures of Mars and looks for signs of life in the soil which gives them a clue. It also send back date to NASA.
The impact that the Mars Rover has had or could have had on its intended audience.
Allowed people to save more money so they could go to Mars and allowed them to stay here and let the robot explore and face the risks without them being in danger.
-weapon making
-surgery performers
- transportation
-safety committees

Jobs and Careers this robot provided employment for.
Predict and explain how the Mars Rover may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future.
I believe there will be more rovers o Mars and NASA says that a new rover will land on Mars by March 2020. This new rover will have more features and tasks to accomplish.
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