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MyBlueprint: Course Selection Intro "Highway"

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Mr Cleland

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of MyBlueprint: Course Selection Intro "Highway"

Workplace - Locally Developed Courses
Also called "Locally Developed"
- If you are not interested in Post-secondary (college or university) and want to go for a job right out of high school, then this is
the highway for you!

(There IS another
path linked to this one!...)
High School Course Selection
College - Applied
Also called "Applied" - If you are interested in College, or a career that requires a college diploma then this is the highway for you!

University - Academic
Also called "ACADEMIC" - If you are interested in University, or a career that requires a University degree then this is the highway for you!
College - Applied
- Marks in the levels 2 -> 3 (or higher) range

- More hands on and practical approach, less theoretical

- Less writing, more doing

- To to get into College, you will also want some involvement in community and/or extra-curriculars
Work - Localled Developed
- Lower marks (1- to 2 range or lower)

- The courses are designed to match your learning needs

- Opportunities for learning specific skills you will need in the workplace while still in high school

(example: auto mechanics, wood-working, etc.)
Subject specific:
- Marks in the levels 3+ -> 4 range

- Will require focus and self-discipline

- More difficult, higher expectations, more homework, more study time

- This alone is not enough to get into University, you will also need some involvement in community and/or extra-curricular activities
Examples: Police Foundations, Early Childhood education, Dental assistance, Personal care worker...
Examples: Engineer, Teacher, Doctor, Dentist
Business, Architect, Nursing*...
- Basically this is on the job training
- You learn from a certified expert, often called a "Journeyman" in a particular job
- You work
- Sometimes linked to college courses

Examples: Hair stylist, Aesthetician, Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Auto-mechanic, Oil-sands technicians, Mason/Brick and Concrete worker...and more!
3 main "On-ramps"
plus one
"alternate exit"
alternate exit...
In Grade 9 you need to take 8 courses:

- 6 courses are selected for you, you ONLY select which
(academic, applied or locally developed).

- Your grade 8 teachers will RECOMMEND the level for you based on the work they have seen from you.

Each subject gets it's own recommendation and they can be different...

For example:
Your LA teacher might recommend you for
Applied level English
, while your Science teacher may recommend
Academic Science
and so on...

The 6
courses are:
Phys Ed
and French*

*....Please ask your teacher for more information, if you have an IEP or ELL designation
Specific details...
More details...
A LOT more information is covered on MYBLUEPRINT
and we are going to review it and you should ask the teacher if you have questions
Where do you want to go?...
Imagine you are driving along
and up ahead is a fork in the
take all of these
your choice is:
at which
to take them
Basically it boils down to...
Academic? OR Applied?
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