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Earth's Interior

No description

Dejia Ward

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Earth's Interior

Vocabulary Words
Seismic Waves ~ are produced when earthquakes occur.
Crust ~ Is the layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin.
Mantle ~ Is a layer of hot rock.
Outer Core ~ Is a layer of metal that surrounds the inner core.
Inner Core ~ Is a dense ball of solid metal.
California Earth Science Book
Important Information part 1
Geologist drilled holes as much as 12 kilometers into Earth. They can't look inside the Earth. Instead they must rely on indirect methods of observation. For example they use drills that bring up samples of rocks. Instead of knocking on walls they use seismic waves, using the data from the seismic waves, Geologist have learned that the Earth's interior is made up of layers.
Important Information part 2
The further you go down in Earth's core the hotter it. Geologist are now estimating it to get about 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit. That's as hot as the surface of the sun.

Pictures!!! Part 1
Pictures Part 2
1. What is the outer core?
2. When you go down further in the Earth does it get hotter or colder?
3. How deep do geologist dig with drills?
Quiz Answers
1. Is a layer of metal that surrounds the inner core.
2. It gets hotter.
3. They dig 12 kilometers deep.
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