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Destiny Manley

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

IS screamo. Pierce the Veil is considered to be "post-hardcore". Pierce the Veil was born. Band Members:

Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Tony Perry,
and Jaime Preciado. Pierce the Veil Lead singer Vic came up with the
bands name while sitting in a
sociology class at San Diego State
University. Fuentes liked the concept of stopping
things that hurt you before they have
a chance to build up, The professor was talking about
"piercing the veil," and thus... meaning to go directly to the root of a problem and removing it at the source. Vic Fuentes started writing music by accident. He wrote his first song with friends at a party, and instantly knew it was something he wanted to keep doing. The band members have a tradition of pranking each other on tour. Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado, the guitarist and bassist respectively, enjoy first person shooter videogames, which Vic Fuentes is not a fan of. As a joke, Tony, Jaime, and the rest of the band besides Vic - even the manager - bought Nerf guns and engaged in foam warfare in the tour van. Vic was so annoyed that he ripped any darts that hit him in half. Post-hardcore combines elements of punk and hardcore/metal music. which is also called "screamo". So, Pierce the Veil...
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