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College Presentation Project

No description

Taylor Miller

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of College Presentation Project

Courtney Thrush
Taylor Miller TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/chs/popdat/ST2010.shtm Four Year
Coed TYPE OF SCHOOL Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of General Studies
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music Degrees Offered Located in Lubbock, Texas
Population: 284,890 (last census) LOCATION Number of Undergraduate Students: 26,583
Number of Graduate Students: 6,028 Student Body In-State vs. Out-of-State Ethnic Make-Up In-State Tuition and Fees:
$8,942 COSTS Financial Aid Founded in 1923 History Originally named Texas Technological College.
The school actually opened in 1925 with six buildings and 914 students!
Texas Tech began competing in the Big 12 Conference in 1996 after a 35 year membership in the former Southwest Conference. Historical Facts No Freshmen can sit on the "Double-T bench". The bench was given to Texas Tech as a gift from the 1931 senior class.
The Victory Bells (one large and one small) ring for 30 minutes after every victory and on special occasions like graduations.
"Arbor Day", beginning in 1937, is one day every spring where Texas Tech students and teachers "beautify" the campus by planting trees. Did You Know? School Mascot: Red Raider
School Colors: Scarlet Red and Black Misc. Electronic Media & Communications
Energy Commerce
Environmental Studies
Environmental Toxicology
Faculty & Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Family & Consumer Sciences
Health, Exercise, & Sport Sciences
Human Development & Family Studies
Industrial Engineering
Information Systems & Quantitative Sciences (ISQS)
Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism
Landscape Architecture
Mathematics & Statistics
Mechanical Engineering
Military Science (Army ROTC)
Museum Science
Natural Resources Management
Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing
Petroleum Engineering
Plant & Soil Science
Political Science
Pre-Professional Health Careers
Public Relations
Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work
Theatre & Dance
Vietnam Center and Archive
Women's Studies
Academic Departments http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/USTX0809 Table of Contents Texas Tech University, 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79409 TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY AVERAGE TEMPERATURES
Fall: 75 degrees F
Winter: 56 degrees F
Spring: 75 degrees F
Summer: 92 degrees F
Out-Of-State Tuition and Fees:
$19,472 Class Rank Test Scores*
Top 10% No Minimum
First Quarter (excluding top 10%) 25 1140
Second Quarter 28 1230
Third Quarter 29 1270
Fourth Quarter Application Review ROOM AND BOARD ON CAMPUS:
$8,275 COSTS https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-university-search/texas-tech-university Fight, Raiders, Fight! Fight, Raiders, Fight!
Fight for the school we love so dearly.
You'll hit 'em high, you'll hit 'em low.
You'll push the ball across the goal,
Tech, Fight! Fight!
We'll praise your name, boost you to fame.
Fight for the Scarlet and Black.
You will hit 'em, you will wreck 'em.
Hit 'em! Wreck 'em, Texas Tech!
And the Victory Bells will ring out! Go to http://www.ttu.edu/ For More Information Or send an email regarding admissions to admissions@ttu.edu
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