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DEI 612 - StratFeast

No description

Abram Chan

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of DEI 612 - StratFeast

STRATFEAST Welcome to REAL food

Personal preferences

Cultural backgrounds

Dietary choices Picking a Restaurant $86,200 per
family unit 30% of Population CANADA Developing a food review mobile application for the
City of Stratford. Solution Stratfest focuses on the baby boomers. Scope First culinary mobile app review made
for baby boomer. Transpose platform to other cities. TARGET SEGMENT METHOD 30 Issues Digital Media Literacy Restaurant Habits Information Processing Online Restaurant Review Participants
Availability Sample

Statistical Analysis:
and Standard Deviations n=16 23%-low 62%-medium 15%-high 28% dietary restrictions 45%
Phones 80%
book 80% prefer professional reviews over crowdsourced information. Individuals don't want too many functions and pages when on digital pages. They want to be directed. S T R A T F E A S T Welcome to REAL food. Comparison Discover Search Profile Review S T R A T F E A S T Restaurtant
Habits Restaurtant
Habits Digital Media Literacty Food Review Preferences Information Processing Information Processing
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