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Supervisory Training

No description

Mitchell Normand

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Supervisory Training

Certificate of Completion
City of Beaumont
Supervisory Training
City of Beaumont's Mission Statement:
To provide quality services in a professional manner.
Expectations of a Supervisor
A Commitment to:
Ethical Conduct
Equitable and Consistent Management
Supporting Management Hierarchy
Motivating the Workforce
Hiring Process
Pre-screening Phase
Work with HR to post vacant positions
Applicants submit online application
The purpose of an interview is to assess whether an applicant is the most suitable candidate for the vacant position.

Prepare your interview questions in advance of the interview to avoid asking unlawful questions. Work with your H.R. Generalist to develop a standard list of acceptable interview questions.
Depending on the position,
testing may be conducted in HR and/or at the department. Always make sure HR is aware of testing arrangements. Always have the tester complete a Demo Test Waiver prior to conducting on-site equipment testing.

Onboarding Process:
Background checks
Drug test
Driving record
Psychological exam
Polygraph test
Various administrative tasks

New Hire Starts Working:
Employee receives ID badge from HR
Department standards and procedures introduced
Complete Worksite Checklist within first three days of employment
New Hire Orientation with HR
Separation of Service
Take action upon notification
Set up Exit Interview with HR
Standard terminations
Notify payroll clerk to enter terminating PAF
Process terminations and retirements ASAP!
Retrieve all City property (ID badge, keys, uniforms, etc.)
Policy 2.0 Employee Leave
VI. Excused Absence for Annual
Cancer Screening
VII. Excused Absence to Vote
VII. Bereavement Leave
IX. Military Leave
X. Leave Without Pay
Policy 2.0 Employee Leave
XI. Holidays
- New Year's Day
-MLK Birthday
-Good Friday
-Memorial Day
-Independence Day
-Labor Day
-Veteran's Day
-Thanksgiving Day
-Day after Thanksgiving Day
-Christmas Day
*Floating Holiday
Policy 2.0 Employee Leave
XII. Short-Term Disability (STD)

Time earned and granted an
employee for a non-work related
illness or injury.
Policy 2.8 Jury Duty
The purpose of this policy is to provide consistent guidelines and information to the departments and its employees regarding jury duty.
Compensatory Time
Paid time off an employee is capable of earning in place of overtime after working 40 hours in a work week. Rules for earning comp time differ for exempt and non exempt employees.
Usage of Paid Time Off (PTO)
Policy 2.7 Excused/Non Excused Absences Notifications
The Purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for management and the employee regarding an excused or non-excused absence, leave without pay, and returning from an absence in order to maintain an adequate staffing level to meet the needs of the business.
II. A. Notification of Absence
II. B. Return From Absence
II. C. Excused Absence to Vote
Reporting accurate time adjustments to your designated timekeeper is very important.
-Know the reporting protocol
-Educate your staff on the protocol
Overtime and Hours Worked
Terminating Pay
Upon termination, an employee may be eligible to receive payment for some of their accruals.
-After being employed 12 consecutive months with the City an employee is paid for their accrued Vacation and Personal Leave
-Non exempt employees are paid for accrued Comp Time upon termination; exempt employees are not
-No employee is compensated for their Floating Holiday or STD
Documentation is a vital
responsibility for all supervisors.
It is imperative that all notes,
emails, action forms are
consistent and thorough.
Track employee performance and address all areas requiring attention.
All documentation must support recommendations for termination. Incomplete or inconsistent records could be problematic if an employee files a termination appeal and/or complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) or Texas Commision on Human Rights.
What is the EEOC, TWC and the Texas Commission on Human Rights?
How to complete an Employee Action Form
Although Texas is an "at will" state, there should always be just cause for termination. Documentation must support a manager's decision to terminate employment.

Only the City Manager or Department Director can approve a termination. Even though the department is responsible for executing terminations, always consult with HR when making a final determination.
City of Beaumont Policies - all City policies can be found on the intranet at COBCONNECT
1.0 Hiring Process
2.4 FMLA
3.0 Conditions of Work Including Outside Employment
3.1 Standards of Conduct
3.3 Drug Free Workplace
3.4 Discrimination Complaint
3.5 Harassment Policy
3.8 Safety-Safe Driving
3.11 Grievance Policy
3.12 Appeal of Termination
7.2 Internet Policy

"Unfriend" subordinates at the workplace!
Employers cannot take action against an employee for subject matter posted online UNLESS there is a perceived threat to someone's safety or the safety of the workplace. As a supervisor, you are obligated to take action upon receiving notice of any inappropriate/alarming conduct perpetrated by an employee.
The safest approach to being an effective supervisor is to maintain a professional relationship with your staff by not co-mingling your professional and personal life.
Kyle Hayes
City Manager
Tyrone Cooper
City Attorney
Tina Broussard
City Clerk
Acceptable Interview Questions:
Unacceptable Interview Questions:
Do you have any children? If not, are you planning to have any?
How many children do you have?
What country are your parents from?
What is your native language?
What is your height and weight?
How old are you?
What Church do you go to?
What religion are you?
Are you a United States citizen?
Do you have disabilities?
When was the last time you used illegal drugs?
If the interview question is not job related ... DON'T ASK!
Is there anything prohibiting you from fulfilling the responsibilities of the job?
Do you have responsibilities other than work that will interfere with specific job requirements such as traveling?
If a job requires additional languages, an employer may legitimately inquire into languages the applicant speaks and writes fluently.
Question & Answer
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, unless exempt, employees covered by the FLSA must receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek at a rate not less than time and one-half their regular rates of pay.
This is not an exhaustive list
This is not an an exhaustive list
Are you eligible for employment in the United States?
An employer may ask an applicant whether he can perform the essential functions of the job for which he is applying, with or without reasonable accommodations.
What professional or trade groups do you belong to that you consider relevant to your ability to perform this job?

Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
Have you ever undergone psychiatric evaluation?
Are you dating anyone right now?
When did you graduate from high school?
What clubs or organizations do you belong to?
What is your maiden name?
What is your race?
Have you ever been arrested?
Have you ever been injured on the job?
Hiring Temporary Employees:
All temporary employee hiring is conducted through HR. Agencies utilized by the City for temp staffing are determined through a bid process and are already established. Contact Walterine Brown, Personnel Specialist, to hire a temp. If she is unavailable, contact your designated HR Generalist.
Audwin Samuel,
Ward 3
Jamie Smith,
Ward 4
Mike Getz,
Ward 2
Dr. Allen Coleman,
Ward 1
When developing your interview questions, avoid "Yes/No" questions. You should ask the applicant open ended questions.

EX: Give me a general idea of your current responsibilities at your job.
Filing an unemployment claim with the TWC:
Upon termination (voluntary, involuntary, or retirement) an individual may apply for unemployment benefits with the TWC. Once the claim is received by HR, a response reason for termination must be provided to the Commission. Based on the intial response, a telephone hearing is scheduled to begin a fact finding process. In the intial response, HR submits the Employee Action Form(s), along with the policy outlining the violation(s), substantiating the dismissal. This is a key reason to always keep records of disciplinary action and complete all action forms accurately and in a timely manner.
Becky Ames, Mayor
Gethrel Williams-Wright, Mayor Pro-Tem, Council Member At-large
W.L. Pate, Jr., Council Member At-large
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