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Perks Of Being A Wallflower

No description

Tianna Zelichowski

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Charlie is extremely depressed and insecure. He goes from being happy to sad within seconds. He is deeply disturbed from his past. Throughout the novel, he was truly shy. He wanted to meet new people, but he wasn't confident enough to put himself out there. Towards others, Charlie was always kind and caring if they treated him respectfully. He had a violent side to him, like when he punched Sean in the school hallways. The celebrity that would best fit Charlie would be, "Brendan Robinson". Brendan Robinson stars in Pretty Little Liars as, "Lucas Beattie" and throughout the show, he tends to be shy. He is always worrying about little situations and would be perfect to represent Charlie.
Sam was described as absolutely beautiful in the novel. She had brown hair, a nice smile and pretty green eyes. She was sweet, caring and never discouraged anyone. She was always friendly, curious and had a wild side to her considering she did what she wanted to do and she smoked. The celebrity that best suits Sam would be, "Lucy Hale". Lucy Hale stars in many shows and movies including Pretty Little Liars. She has green eyes, brown hair and a nice smile just like Sam. She is curious and sweet in her lead role as, "Aria Montgomery" throughout Pretty Little Liars. She would be the best choice.
Patrick had a great personality other than the fact that he smoked. He seemed like a good guy and was extremely friendly. He had a wild side to him too, which he picked up from Sam. He was different, sweet, caring and welcoming. He only talked about his problems to the people he trusted (Sam & Charlie). The celebrity that would be perfect as Patrick would be, " Tyler Blackburn". Tyler Blackburn stars in Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars as, "Caleb Rivers". He is friendly, has a unique style and would be great to represent as Patrick.
The four main characters in the novel, "Perks Of Being A Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky are Charlie, Sam, Patrick and Bill. The novel demonstrates the meaning and symbols of love. There are many themes that can fit this novel, but the theme that suits this novel the best is "Life doesn't stop for anybody. Things change and people leave."
Brendan Robinson
Lucy Hale
Tyler Blackburn
Bill was caring and trustworthy. Charlie tells him everything as if he was his therapist/counselor. Bill loves to read and offers books for Charlie to read. He gives great advice to Charlie whenever he can. Bill was understanding and as Charlie describes, he was a good person to talk about your problems with. The celebrity that would best represent Bill would be, " Edward Kerr". Edward Kerr stars in Pretty Little Liars as, "Ted". Throughout the show, he is sweet, understanding, caring, trustworthy and always there for anyone. Charlie would most definitely go to Edward Kerr for help.
Edward Kerr
6 Quotations
"I need to know that people exist" (Chbosky 2)
This quotation is important because Charlie is trying to say that there is no one else left for him to talk to. He needs someone to be there for him. Charlie feels ignored and needs someone to let him know that they are there to listen to him.
"I do not like highschool" (Chbosky 6)
This quotation is important because it clearly states that Charlie does not like highschool. It seems like he finds highschool hard and struggling. He is not doing well by adapting to the highschool life.
"I would like to be anonymous to you. I hope understand" (Chbosky 9)
This quotation is important because it looks like Charlie does not want his identity shown or to give out personal information. He is shy and needs to trust someone before he releases his feelings and problems to the wrong person. Charlie likes to be hidden from everyone so he does not have to deal with the pain that happened when his friend, Michael, died.
"I don't want you to waste your time thinking about me that way" (Chbosky 22)
This quotation is important because Sam does not want Charlie to start liking her like that. She has a boyfriend and she does not want to hurt Charlie. She is too old for him anyways and wants him to get in his head that he can't think about her that way anymore. Sam loves him and cares for him but can't have him feel that way about her.
"I need you to promise that you won't tell anyone. This will be our little secret" (Chbosky 37)
This quotation is important because Patrick is believing in Charlie. He knows Charlie is his true friend. Patrick knows he can count on Charlie with any situation. When Charlie saw Patrick and Brad, Patrick was not scared because he knows he can count on Charlie anytime.
"Do you always think this much, Charlie?" (Chbosky 24)
This quotation is important because Bill cares so much about Charlie. He listens to him and worries about his problems at home. Bill loves to help Charlie and give him advice. He is always there for him and never puts him down. Charlie looks up to Bill more than anyone. Charlie is grateful to have him in his life.
"Life does not stop for anybody. Things change and people leave."
This theme is identified in the novel, "Perks Of Being A Wallflower" because life never stopped for Charlie. An example of "friends leave," occurs when Charlie's bestfriend Michael dies. An example of "things change," occurs when after Michael died, everything changed. Charlie became depressed and had no one to talk to. This theme is clearly demonstrated at the beginning of the novel.
"Fight any in securities and turn them into something new to conquer."
This theme is identified in the novel because Charlie is insecure, depressed and has trouble at home. His English teacher, Bill, is always there for him and he knows what Charlie is capable of. Bill gives him advice to try and push him to fight his problems. He introduces him to new ideas to help him conquer his in securities/problems at home.
"No one is alone."
This theme is identified in the novel because Charlie is constantly writing letters about himself and how he feels. To some degree, everyone has felt depressed or lonely. If anybody felt like Charlie, it would make them realize they are not alone after they have read this novel.
"Everyone gets affected by others choices, but our choices affect others."
This theme is identified in the novel because every character was changed and affected by their friends and family. When Charlie told Sam about the dream he had about her, she was affected and told him to not think about her like that because she does not want to hurt him. When Charlie stated his opinion on his sister's boyfriend, she became offended because she knows she is doing wrong, but does not want to be told. Aunt Helen changed Charlie when she died and from what she did to him. Charlie still blames himself for his Aunt Helen's death.
An important symbol that relates to the novel, " Perks Of Being A Wallflower" are the tunnels. Charlie went through the tunnel three times. The first time he went with Sam and Patrick. The second time he went through the tunnel by himself. The third time he went with Sam and Patrick again. When he went with Patrick and Sam he describes it as, "magical." When he travels through the tunnel by himself, he thought it was different than before. He thought it was more calm by himself. It is an important symbol because these were one of his greatest memories. The tunnel has a beginning and an end, which symbolizes Charlie's life, before and after.
This inspiring novel by, Stephen Chbosky, provided many important themes, symbols and quotations. The four main characters Charlie, Sam, Patrick and Bill, all demonstrated the symbol of love with each other.
An important symbol that relates to the novel, is dancing. Charlie always believed he wasn't good at dancing so he would never dance. He thought he would make a fool of himself, so he decided he would just stand in the back and wonder how many couples will slow dance to "their song." One dance, Charlie had the courage to dance with Sam. This is an important symbol because after that, Charlie danced again at a picture show and believed in himself. He realized he should try things more often before he states he can't do it.
To Kill A Mockingbird:
An important symbol that relates to the novel, is the book Charlie reads, "To Kill A Mockingbird." Charlie's English teacher, Bill, gives Charlie the book, "To Kill A Mockingbird" to read. Later, Bill tells Charlie to write an essay on the book. When his essay is marked and returned him, he was shocked he received a "C". This symbol is important because the book helped Charlie get through some problems. The bad graded essay helped Charlie realize he needed better writing skills. It later helped him because he wasn't running his sentences together in his essays and he was using more complex words, like his vocabulary words from class.
Football Games:
An important symbol that relates to the novel, is the football games. Charlie always went to the football games with his bestfriend Michael because there was nothing to do on Fridays after school. At the football game, he met his two bestfriends he has now, Sam and Patrick. They gave him a chance to actually talk about himself and they listened. Sam and Patrick made him feel welcome. This symbol is important because football games had memories with Michael, who is now dead, Sam and Patrick. He made two bestfriends there who have changed his life.
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