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Lecture/Demonstration-Tadashi Suzuki

No description

Hugh Hedley

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Lecture/Demonstration-Tadashi Suzuki

Tadashi Suzuki
demonstation Tadashi Suzuki's Career Born in 1939 in Japan.
In the 1960s he formed the Little Theatre Waseda in Tokyo which later became the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) .
Organised the first theatre festival in Japan in Toga.
Artistic director of the Acting Company Mito 1989-1994.
Founded the Shizuoka Arts Theatre 1995
Chairman of the board of directors for the Japan Performing Arts Foundation. Our Aims

-to give a brief overview of Suzuki's work
-to show the principles and philosophy behind his training method
-to workshop some of the kunrens (exercises) Suzuki's Aims to revitalise the theatre

-by moving away from European style illusion of reality and towards greater expressiveness
-by creating real energy in performers
-by confronting and energizing the audience
-by using the space as part of the performance Suzuki's style

-vision, multi cultural, international
-integrates, synthesises.
-combined some elements of traditional Noh and Kabuki theatre with western elements, mixing styles, mixing past with present.
- deals with universal emotions of pain, grief , loss as in The Trojan Women, Elektra, Lear/Tale of Lear, Macbeth
Suzuki's influence

-toured America, Europe , Australia
-developed training method in the 1970s, taught others
-western practitioners, approved by Suzuki, now teaching, eg Ellen Lauren
- influenced other companies - collabarated with Anne Bogart in setting up SIRI now based in New York, also Frank Company in Australia, who follow his methods exactly
- training method now widely taught Suzuki's training method Purpose -to develop the will and concentration
-to increase stamina
-to learn to cope with any difficulty

Consists of

- a series of exercises which are
- precise, fixed
- repeated patterns in a given format
- are always led by an instructor

Based on

-elements of Noh and Kabuki theatre
- also grew out of rehearsal during 1970s The exercises Demo/Workshop Ashi o Horu-throwing feet
Fumikoe-stamp and change
Ten ways of walking
Slow ten tekka ten
Stamping shakuhachi
Standing and sitting statues Thanks for watching. Have a nice day!! By Hugh Hedley and Tom Kitching
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