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Early Cleveland..... "East 9th Street Pier"

Here it is

Austin Rutledge

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Early Cleveland..... "East 9th Street Pier"

In 1915, railway Bridge was created over East 9th Street. Both companies, C&B and C&B obained a 50 year lease of the Lake Erie Coast of East 9th Street for $55,000 in 1913. In 1915, the East 9th Street Pier was established. East 9th Street was paved so that there could be easy passage to East 9th Street. 1930-1940 In 1930, a group of undaunted men founded the Clevland Yacht Club. During the Great Depression, the docks of Lake Erie were "quiet" Cruise boat SS SeeandBee explored the Lake Erie Coast until 1947 Coast Guard Station 219 was built in 1940 in Lake Erie. The structure was actually based upon a boat. The station closed in 1976 and was moved to the East 9th Street Pier. The original establishment was later used as a disco-tech, and closed down once again due to poor sewage and not many ways of entering. Places related to East 9th Street Pier Station Cleveland Harbor was initially located 1/2 mile Southeast by South of West Pierhead Light and was established in 1875. In 1897, the station moved to the West Pier in Cleveland Harbor. In 1908, the VIMO Ginger Beer&Ale Company got relocated to the intersection of Webster Avenue and East 9th Street. Steamship William G. Mather, started as a bulk freight ship that worked along the Great Lakes transporting ore, coal, stone, and grain. Goodtime was a cruise ship that traveled along the Lake Erie Coast. Built in the 1920s, the Goodtime now offers rides along the Cuyahoga river. Millionaires Row Millionaires Row and other neighborhoods like it were at their peaks around 1891. Millionaires Row was the home of Cleveland's most famous people, such as: John D. Rockefeller. The Rockefellers were very influential to the Cleveland community. Originally, Millionaires Row stretched a total four miles from Cleveland to what is now Euclid.
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