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My perfect e-textbook

No description

Marilina Lonigro

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of My perfect e-textbook

My perfect e-textbook
would be ...
... a game
Interesting and intriguing as a game
Empower students
they create their avatars
Provide immediate feedback
Promote collaboration
There should be a space where they can discuss the quest/challenge and also chat with their game-mates
credits to spend in the game
they are always given options on how to complete the quests
Textbooks are usually organized in:
presented usually in the form of a dialogue and verified with writtem/oral tasks
rules presented as text and exercises
corresponding to a topic
presented with pictures and words to associate
It should be organized in:
The storyline should be attractive and intriguing according to student age.
Pictures should accompany the activities. They must be colourful and also somewhat mysterious!
A quest or challenge follows the storyline. Scrolls or binders are made available containing the information (text, video, audio, photos) needed
to solve the quest using one or more language functions.
Quests become more and more difficult as students progress in the game.
Experience points
Can be earned by playing quiz games. Quiz games will focus on grammar points essentially.
They can be used to 'purchase' objects or obtain extra-docs needed in the game.
Provide advice on the game
They can be the teachers who act as a guide in the game.
Non-playing characters
They give feedback on quest accomplishment
They assign badges
Students have to complete a number of
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