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Energy Transformation

No description

Julia Tucker

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Energy Transformation

Energy Transformation
Electrical energy
Mechanical energy
The energy of and object or substance in motion.

Chemical Energy
Chemical energy is the energy stored with in the bond of atoms.
Gravitational energy
Gravitational energy is the energy a object has because of its position in the gravitational field. k
Potential Energy
Potential energy is the energy of position or stored energy.
Energy is the ability to cause or create change. There are two different types of energy- kinetic and potential.
Kinetic energy
Kinetic energy is the energy of mass and motion.
Electrical energy is the energy caused by an electrical current.
Batteries are electrical energy because the electrons in the battery causes an electric current.
A lamp is electrical energy because it is powered by an electric current.
Solar panels harvest energy from the sun and turn it in to electrical energy.

This hammer has mechanical energy because it is in motion hammering the nail.
This rocket has mechanical energy because it is in motion going into space.
The leaves moving have mechanical energy because the are in motion.
This diagram exhibits gravitational energy
This airplane has gravitational energy because it is in the gravitational field.
The ball in the air is in the gravitational field so it has gravitational energy.
A fire is chemical energy because the flames are created by chemical reactions.
A battery is chemical energy because the electrical energy a battery creates is caused by a chemical reaction.
This rocket is chemical energy because chemical reactions happen in order to blast off.
Nuclear energy
Nuclear energy is the energy released during nuclear fission and fusion.
A nuclear bomb uses nuclear energy to cause an explosion.
This nuclear power plant uses nuclear energy to create electricity.
This diagram shows how nuclear fusion can cuase nuclear energy.
Elastic energy
Elastic energy is stored potential energy in an body that is deformed.
This spring has elastic energy because it is deformed and can be distorted.
A rubber band has elastic energy because it can be distorted.
The slingshot has elastic energy on the part that can be pulled back and released.
Heat energy
Heat energy is the energy which transfers along the particles of a surface.
The sun has heat energy because it releases energy through air molecules.
The fire has heat energy because it releases heat into the air particles.
Coals have heat energy because the energy in them is transferred through particles into the air.

Light energy
Light energy is a form of energy that makes things visible.
A lightbulb has light energy because it makes things in the dark visible.
The sun has light energy because it makes thing visible during the day.
A flashlight makes thing visible so it has light energy.
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