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Annelise Wiehl

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Abolitionists

Anthony Benezet and John Woolman: Quakers
How Many People

In the 1840's, there was about 3,000 leading the cause
There were few because they were considered radicals
Both blacks and whites were part of this movement
Abolitionist were also members of fragmented anti-slavery movements such as
The Liberty Party
The American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society
The American Missionary Association
The Church Anti-Slavery Society
How did they recruit?

The Liberator
Abolitionist newspaper
Tried to get people to see form their views
Preaching, Lectures, Letters, Demonstrations
Theodore Parker: Clergyman
Grimké Sisters: Lectured and letters
Theodore Weld: Demonstrations

Abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a very inspiration novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, to show her outrage for slave laws.
The influences of this novel helped bring more people to the cause of the abolitionists

The Abolitionists were instrumental in the Civil War, which led to the end of slavery, which was the abolitionists' goal.

Abolitionist pushing for more freedom for blacks in the 19th century helped in the creation of Liberia
Founders & Activists
Society for the Relief of Free Negros(Philadelphia 1775)

Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush

The historian James M. McPherson defines an abolitionist "as one who before the Civil War had agitated for the immediate, unconditional, and total abolition of slavery in the United States."
Who is an abolitionist?

Who were abolitionist?

more popular in north than in south
whites and blacks
most influential abolitionists were powerful white men ie Ben Franklin
Our Fabulous Text Book
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