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B451 GCSE PE Importance of a warm up and cool down

B451 GCSE PE Importance of a warm up and cool down

Chris Lamb

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of B451 GCSE PE Importance of a warm up and cool down

Key Process 3 Physical and mental capacity
The importance of a warm-up and cool down
Starter: exam question
Describe how flexibility can help you lead a healthy lifestyle [4]
Swap papers
Mark scheme
four marks from:

1.To stop danger of straining yourself / safer (eg lifting)
2. To prevent joint injuries/muscular injuries/healthy joints/better posture
3.To be able to reach for things easier/greater range of movement
4.To be able to perform activities that demand flexibility such as gymnastics / enables you to want to do more exercise / enables activity in old age
5.To be able to move faster/ quicker reactions/more agile
6.To be more effective in movement technique
7.To go about everyday activities more easily/ do jobs better
Number of marks
Answers correct
Answers incorrect
Possible other answers
Learning Outcomes
the effects of a warm-up on the body
how a warm-up can improve performance
your new knowledge to

esign an appropriate warm-up for a specific sporting activity
Task 1: Blutack
Who can stretch their piece of Blutack the furthest?
1. Mini-plenary: On whiteboards
How do we warm-up our muscles?
What happens if you did not do this
What happens to the muscles as warm up?
Describe how can a warm-up can stop a footballer getting injured (A*-c in exam)

2. Learning conversations (
to the person next to you)
Task 2; How do warm our muscles?
In pairs
Find a space
1 minute press-up
Consider the following..
Summary of main points so far...
A warm up increases the temperature of the muscles
This increases the elasticity of the muscles (preventing muscle strains)
Our flexibility improves (reduces risk of injury)
We warm our muscles up by repeatedly contracting them
Our heart rate increases
Blood (and oxygen) is sent to the working muscles
Mentally prepares us for our sport
Once warm our muscles can contract faster and stronger
Differentiated question:
Identify 3 affects of a warm-up on the body
As above and explain how a warm-up can help to improve performance in a sport of your choosing

Components of a warm up
Pulse raiser (sport specific)
Stretches (sport specific)

What stretches would you expect to see....
A footballer do?
A tennis player do?
What difference would you expect to see

TASK; Design a warm-up for a sport of your choosing
Describe what activities they are doing (with pictures)
Explain why you have chosen these specific activities

Sum what you have learnt today into one sentence
Reduce it to 5 key words
Reduce it to 1 word
FEEDBACK to your neighbour how/why you got to that word

What happened and why?
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