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People should always have multiple choices

No description

Annette Olszewski

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of People should always have multiple choices

Yoda for President
Step 3:All group members quote Yoda when giving advice to friends and family who need help.
Yoda is elected the next president of the United States
I will be using emotion to help achieve my goal.
Step 1: In the classroom, all students are presented with 7 slides that show pictures of different groups of people that are being mistreated by political figures during the last 12 years. Group members express horror and sadness.

Hopeful result: Students have an emotional reaction that causes them to be aware of our government.
Step 4: All students watch a video clip of the president yelling at an aid. Group members express disgust and mention that it is time for a change.
Step 5:
Follow the presidential video clip with a clip of Yoda giving encouraging words of wisdom to a group of college students.
Step 6: Set up a Skype with Yoda. Start with Yoda sharing a story about how he had no voice as a young person and how he created a student forum that solved ALL school problems. Make sure Yoda cries at least once during the story. Yoda must also express anger when talking about being bullied for being green, short, and for formulating sentences incorrectly. He must end his speech with an appeal to the audience that shows excitement.
Next, have students address Yoda with questions about what he would do to fix the United States. Make sure Yoda displays all types of emotions when answering the question that allow the person asking the question feel like they are really being heard.
Hopeful result: Students will feel like Yoda hears and understands their problems and is willing to fight for the people who don't have a voice.
Hopeful result: Students become aware of Yoda and take a general liking to him. There might be a small issue if students don't like the films.
Step 2: All students view Star Wars 4-6 episodes. During the viewing group members laugh loudly during Yoda parts and whisper how much they love Yoda.
We need radical change in the United States. (seed idea- where it starts)
Yoda should be the
next president of the U.S. A.
(big idea that you want people to believe)

Hopeful result: Friends and family will start
to associate the voice of reason and
help with Yoda.
Hopeful result: students
feel that the President is
awful and that is not the way people should be treated.
Hopeful result: students
will see Yoda as a motivator, humanitarian, and a leader.
By Annette, Ariana, Grace, and Eustis.
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