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False Counselors

Eng Proj

Ahmad Siddiqi

on 6 January 2012

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Transcript of False Counselors

Sin False Counselors The false counselors are sinners
who are selfish and could care
less about any one else.
They have told others to sin
while they sit back and save themselves. Punishment They will burn in an eternal flame Quotes "And as, in most instances at least they sinned by glibness of tounhgue so are the flames made into a fiery travesty of tongues". "the pains of that great flame which splits away in two great horns, as if it rose from the pyre where Eteocles and Polynices lay". Welcome to Hell Ring 8 Bolgia Canto XXVI By Ahmad n Kelsey Vocab Quotes Merit: Claim to respect and praise. Fosse: Any ditch, trench, or canal. Palladium: The statue of
athena. Key Figures Hitler should be one of the people that should suffer
in this flame. His actons altering people's minds to think Jews were the enemy. Then sending out solders and leaving a scar in history. Hitler is accepted as a false counselor and should burn for his sins. "within the flames are spirits;
each one here enfolds
himself in what burns him" (Pg219, St:7, Line2, Book1) (Pg:220, Prg:2, "And as" - "tongue", book2) (Pg:222, St:6, Book:2) Bush, and his administration gave the info to the United Nation that Iraq is carrying w.m.d, and they're going to use it against us and he convinced the U.N so he could get permision to attack Iraq. After the attack they couldn't find the w.m.d in Iraq because it was wrong info they used to enter his forces in Iraq. Because of this so many american troops, and Iraqi people died. Later we came to find the war was his personal gain (oil). And now we're still fighting over there with out a cause. This is why Bush is a false counselor. Everyone in the book who was stated to be put into this punishment, I agree with their placement, and they desirve to burn in this flame because everytime they altered someones mind they made them sin. It is the devils act. Its symbolic because the flame is in the shape of a tongue, which means they're being burned for the wrong use of altering people's minds in a negative way. If they were to get another punishment, the false counselor's tongues would be hooked with a hot wire and dragged across flaming needles toward the direction of which they told the person to do. For example if he told them to go and burn a building there would be a burning building in the distance and he would be getting dragged toward it but the building won't get any closer than which it is. People He Met Dante met witha soul named Guido, the soul talked about how his mind was altered by Boniface VIII who was a pope. This pope had a fued with a family that took shelter from him. Guildo advised him to over look the fued and stop holding the grudge. The pope 'accepted' to the terms and so did the family that took shelter. Right when they left their castle, the pope destroyed it leaving them with out refuge. This canto related to Dante because false counciling was probably common in Dantes period. An easy way to gain advantage, sing just cunning words. Altering people's minds to work in favor of the false counselor convincing him to commit sin, while the false counselor sat back and watched everything happen. The message Dante is trying to get to us is basicly not to lie. False counseling is basicly lying to some point and using cunning words to alter his mind and convince him to some point to think doing a certain thing is ok to do. For a modern day example, peer pressure is a big one. If a whole group of friends are smoking weed while one sits back and watch it happen. Eventually his friends are going to try convincing him to do it. This is why false counseling is made a sin. The End :)
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