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ILM M503 Developing Critical Thinking

No description

Roger Green

on 19 July 2017

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Transcript of ILM M503 Developing Critical Thinking

ILM M503 Develop Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
A cup of tea
Critical Thinking
Example of Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking, example
ILM Assignment
Develop Critical Thinking
Emotional intelligence, a classic example
What is Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is a term created by two researchers - Peter Salavoy, and John Mayer.

We define EI as :-
Recognise, understand, and manage our own emotions.
Recognise, understand, and influence the emotions of others.

In practical terms, this means being aware that emotions can drive our behaviour, and impact people (positively/negatively), and learning to manage those emotions - both our own, and others - espeacially when we are under pressure.

Values V Beliefs
Values V Beliefs
Values V Beliefs
Values V Beliefs
Attitudes,Values, and Belief Model
Identifying Management Theories, relevant to own job role.
Kurt Lewin
Leadership Styles
Kurt Lewin, and some colleagues did leadership experiments in 19.39, and identified three different styles of leadership, in particular around decision making.
1) Autocratic Leadership
In the Autocratic style, the leader takes decisions withouit consulting with others. The decision is made without any form of consultation. In Kurt Lewin's experiments, he found that this caused the most level of discontent.

An Autocratic style works when there is no need for input on the decision, where the decision would not change as a result of the decision, and where the motivation of people would not be effected whether they were or were not involved in the decision making.

Kurt Lewin's Leadership styles
Kurt Lewin's
Leadership styles
Kurt Lewin's
Leadership styles
Management Theory
Maslow's model
Maslow's Hierarchy
Implications of Maslow's model for managers
Using the previous management theories/models, as bench mark able examples. Do you believe that your own Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs, impact on your behaviour within the workplace ?
How perhaps, would someone with differing A.V.B interpret the previous models, and theories ?
Thank you, goodbye, and good luck.
A little
Welsh Culture

Rod Gilbert
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