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Tom Cruise

Biography Prezi Grade 7

Kyle Moore

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Tom Cruise

Born on July 3rd, 1962 in Syracuse,NY Parents were Thomas Cruise Mapother III and Mary Lee Pfeiffer Was
dyslexic Parents divorced at age 12 Real name was Thomas Cruise Mapother IV Had 3 sisters: Marion, Lee Anne De Vette,Cass Family struggled financially Had adult responsibilities at age 12 Moved a lot Did you know....
Tom Cruise has been married to a local girl???
He was married to Katie Holmes, who's from Toledo, Ohio. Education School was very hard Went to a total of eight
grade schools and three
high schools Graduated from Glen Ridge
High School in New Jersey TOM CRUISE Dropped out of Johnston State College, which is in Vermont Childhood Adulthood/Career First movie was Endless Love in 1981 (was a small role) Started in Ottawa, Canada Big break was Taps in 1981 Was married three times Married Mimi Rogers in 1987
They divorced in 1990 Married Nicole Kidman in 1990
They divorced in 1998 Married Katie Holmes in 2006
They divorced this year (2012) Has three kids Adopted two kids with Nicole Kidman
Isabella in 1993
Connor in 1995 Had one kid with Katie Holmes
Suri in 2006 July 3rd,1962 Takes all of his roles very seriously Notable Movies Risky Business (1983) Top Gun Achievements Won sixteen awards Notable Awards won ShoWest Convention- Box Office Star of the Year (1987) Golden Globe- Best Actor- Jerry Maguire (1997) MTV Movie Award- Best Actor- Jerry Maguire (1997) Notable Award Nominations Blockbuster Award- Favorite Supporting Actor- Magnolia (2000) Academy Award- Best Supporting Actor- Magnolia (2000) Blockbuster Award- Favorite Actor- Eyes Wide Shut (2000) Been in 34 movies Has saved Brazilian actress Heloisa Vinhas's life, who was hit by a car Contributions Helped kids learn how to read and succeed 1981 Born in Syracuse, NY First Movie Endless Love 1981 Big Break Taps 1987 Married Mimi Rogers 1987 Won First Award 1990 Divorced Mimi Rogers
Married Nicole Kidman 1993 Adopted son
named Connor 1995 Adopted Daughter
named Isabella 1980 Graduated high school 1998 Divorced Nicole Kidman 2006 Married Katie Holmes 2012 Divorced Katie Holmes 10 Interesting Facts 6. Tom Cruise is only five foot seven inches. 10. Tom Cruise has never drank alcohol. 9. Tom is a vegetarian. 8. Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower. 7. All of Tom's wives were taller than him. 1. At age fourteen Tom went to school to become a priest. He dropped out of school after a year. 2. The stepfather of his two adopted kids is Keith Urban. 3. Tom is friends with David Beckham.
(Professional Soccer Player) 4. Cruise is a big fan of The Simpsons. 5. Tom Cruise loves professional wrestling. Timeline Closing Tom Cruise is still alive today, thankfully. Tom is still acting. He is currently divorced. He is fifty years old. 2006 Had daughter named Suri BY: KYLE MOORE
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