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TDF Consulting

No description

Ryan Spooner

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of TDF Consulting

Perception is Reality
Cold Hard Facts
- Non sales people hate sales people
What Are You Doing Here?
The average human being gets 2.5 billion heartbeats in their lifetime.
Best Experiences
Everyone in this room has bought and been sold something in their life. Is there a difference between the two?
500 milion heartbeats are spent at work.
That's 1/5 of your lifetime.
When a customer calls in they believe they are speaking to a sleazy salesman. You are that person until you prove otherwise. Sincerity is the key to making this happen. During the conversation you need to let the customer know that you are thoughtful about their situation.
- People decide in the first 30 seconds if they like you or not - A scientist said that.
Changing the customers mindset in nuanced ways is key to becoming a successful agent.
By default, if you are not disarming someone by putting them at ease, then you are alarming them further and creating unnecessary
One of the most simple and effective ways to diffuse the tension is by simply asking them to elaborate on their situation.
People love talking about themselves, especially business owners. Make that a priority early on in the conversation so you can both gather the ammunition to make the sale, while also putting the customer at ease.
How do you currently do that?
Would you ever give your sales pitch and follow it up with "How does that sound"?
Perception is reality right? by asking
question it gives the customer the feeling that they are in control.
Engaging the customer conversationally through disarming tension initially, employing a genuine thoughtfulness about what they need, and creating anticipation about how you will help, the natural answer to the question, "How does that sound?" will be... "That sounds Great"
- You spend alot of time at work...
- Each customer has an expectation and it is our job to meet/exceed that.
- If a customer calls in with the expectation that they are going to be dealing with a cookie cutter, scripted sales person and we flip that 180 degrees into a sincere conversation then we have just invited the customer into a new comfortable environment that we are familiar with.
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