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Abdul Rehman

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of UNICEF

A Charity for Children and Mothers in Need
Background Information
UNICEF is a charity that has it headquarters located in New york City, America. They provide long term aid and development assistance for mothers and children in developing countries or recovering from disasters. Unicef was created by united nations general assembly, and it was created on December 11 1946. UNICEF was was made for aid for the devastation after world war 2 but has adapted to United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. UNICEF was created and is still controlled by the government. UNICEF is sponsored by the Liga BBVA (spanish) team FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona donates 1.5 million euros to UNICEF every year. UNICEF is and always will support its causes.
Reasons Why You Should Donate
UNICEF and its partners are leading global efforts to end preventable child deaths, working with governments, national and international agencies, and civil society to support effective and life-saving actions at each phase in a child’s life from prenatal care in a mother’s pregnancy to effective and affordable health care through childhood and into adulthood. Policy analysis is an essential aspect of UNICEF’s work with governments, law-makers, the media, civil society and international organizations on behalf of children and women. By analyzing economic, social and legal policies, they can better understand the circumstances and forces that affect the well-being of children and women around the world. From this analysis, they can determine whether, for example, poverty, poor health or the absence of legal protection are being adequately addressed, and in turn develop new policy approaches and actions to improve the results of economic, social and democratic governance programs for children and women.At UNICEF they work to make that world a reality. They are committed to ensuring that all children – regardless of gender, ethnicity, or circumstances – realize their right to a quality education. To that end, UNICEF supports innovative programs and initiatives that focus on the world’s most excluded and vulnerable children, including girls, the disabled, ethnic minorities, the rural and urban poor, victims of conflict and natural disasters and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Who They Help

How we found out about UNICEF
Firstly, we found out about this organization because the soccer team FC Barcelona sponsors this charity . And we love this soccer team as we watch their matches all the time and the greatest soccer player of all time; Lionel Messi is on their team. Secondly, UNICEF frequently has news that makes it to the headlines. For example when the Philippine typhoon haywain struck UNICEF immediately decided to go for aid.

UNICEF And The Cause They Support
The UNICEF charity generally helps children and mothers. Their goal is to provide children with healthcare and immunization, clean water, nutrition, food security, education, emergency relief, and more.The UNICEF organization supports these causes with aid in 190 countries across the globe. Currently, they are majorly helping people who are helpless in the Philippines because of typhoon Haiyan.
Where the Money Goes
When you donate to children through UNICEF, you make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of children around the world. Whether you choose to donate monthly or choose to provide a single gift, you are standing up for every child’s right to health, education, equality and protection. UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization. Donate today and your gift of $50 will provide 20 liters of therapeutic milk to children in need, $100 provides a family with 7 water sanitation kits, which includes collapsible water containers, soap and water purification tablets or a gift of $500 can provide 20 emergency first aid kits that contain equipment used by healthcare centers and mobile health workers during emergencies or whenever children in the developing world need immediate aid.
UNICEF works with local families, communities and governments in more than 190 countries worldwide to protect and promote the rights of all children.UNICEF has got over 60 years experience in delivering lasting change and in responding to the evolving challenges children around the world are facing.Their global reach, expertise, access, innovation, efficiency are the values that guide our work and make UNICEF unique.is far beyond that of any other children’s charity. They have proven expertise in specialist areas such as heath, nutrition and children protection. Our 60 years of experience, their know-how and extensive network of highly-skilled field staff translates into making real differences to children’s lives. Wherever a humanitarian emergency may occur, UNICEF is already there.They have the ability to deliver aid almost anywhere within 48 hours. They supported 76 countries with emergency supplies in 2012.UNICEF has helped develop simple, affordable, and innovative solutions to complicated problems. From birthing kits to help women give birth safely; oral dehydration salts to treat diarrhea dehydration in children; to portable School-in-a-Box kits to make classes possible almost anywhere – they develop solutions that will help make a difference to millions of children's lives.

On 7 September 2006, an agreement between UNICEF and the Spanish Catalan association football club FC Barcelona was reached whereby the club would donate 1.5 million euros per year to the organization for five years.
In January 2007, UNICEF struck a partnership with Canada's national tent pegging team. , and team members promote and raise funds for UNICEF's campaign against childhood HIV-AIDS.[14] The Swedish club Hammarby IF followed the Spanish and Canadian lead on 14 April 2007,[16] also raising funds for UNICEF and displaying the UNICEF name on their sportswear. The Danish soccer club Brondby IF will do likewise from the summer of 2008.
Australian A-League club Sydney FC announced they would also enter into a partnership with UNICEF raising funds for children in the Asia-Pacific region, and would also display the UNICEF logo for the remainder of the 2011-12 A-League season.[17]
Race driver Jacques Villeneuve has occasionally placed the UNICEF logo on the #27 Bill Davis Racing pickup truck in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.
UNICEF recently announced a landmark partnership with Scottish club Rangers F.C. UNICEF will partner the Rangers Charity Foundation
In 2010, UNICEF created a partnership with Phi Iota Alpha, In 2011,
In 2013, they agreed a contract with Greek association football champions Olympiacos F.C. who will don the organization's logo on the front of their shirts.
How children's lives are suffering because their wishes and needs aren't meeting their requirments
Child poverty around the world
By supporting UNICEF, you’ll not only make a difference to a child's life today, you’ll be making THE difference to children everywhere because:They operate in more countries and help more children then any other humanitarian organisation.They do whatever it takes to reach vulnerable children, from stopping wars to trekking through the remotest deserts. For example, they pioneered ‘Days of Tranquillity’ to arrange ceasefires in times of war so children can be reached with lifesaving healthcare. They work with and coordinate everyone who cares about children - partner organisations, governments, communities, parents and children themselves - to make sure no child is forgotten. Do something amazing today. Join them to help children by making a monthly donation.

Lionel Messi before a game
A video of Typhoon Haiyan
By: Birawin, Chase Fahad and Abdul
The End
Thank You For listening Please donate
How will we Donate
There are many ways to donate but, if you respected students donate to us we will make you prouder than ever. Currently, we want donate a decent package to the Philippians. But, if we donate as much as we possibly can than we will get a package that helps more than ever. But, we need your help to do it!
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