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Diane Sawyer: Awakening Curiosity

Journalism 2300 Final Project

Jordan Fowler

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Diane Sawyer: Awakening Curiosity

young Diane Sawyer Wellesy College BA of Arts
Nixon Administration
CBS News
60 Minutes Goodmorning America
Primetime Live
20/20 Dr. Leigh Browning On Diane Sawyer's Impact on Journalism Q:What attributes of responsible journalism do you notice sawyer exercises in her reports and news anchoring? A: Leigh said two words, awakening curiosity. She tells a great story, her biggest influence was her dad and when she came home from school that her dad didn't say how was your day he asked, what great question did you ask today. she was raised to awaken curiosity and ask the right question. you can literally see her thinking what question to ask, that is her best skill. Q: How would you say that sawyer handled being accused as the deepthroat to Woodward during the Watergate scandal? A: We in all likelihood would never know. The beauty of her and her steadfast dedication to doing the right thing is that she completely took everyone's power away by not reacting to being accused. A: "I Absolutely agree. She doesn't have to try, she just is. She is on the same level with men. she is as respected in the field and is one of the most respected people in the field." Q: Sawyer has been called one of the world most powerful women by Forbes magazine, would you agree or disagree? I've met her in person on the set of Good Morning America. She's a fierce journalist, always going after the story thats not easy to tell. She does not stop at the surface. Stephanie Price
corporate category manager of books and newstand for Hastings Entertainment Diane Sawyer:
Awakening Curiosity Q: Recently, accusations have been made that Sawyer was intoxicated during the 2012 election reports. What do you make of this? Dr. Browning
A: If you see outtakes of Sawyer. She will almost lay dramatically on her desk. She has a lazy delivery at times. There may have been medication involved she may have been tired. IF ABC was concerned about it they would have had a blood test done immediately for insurance purposes. The FCC regulation on being drunk near a transmitting signal is clear. You don't hear much from her on these issues. She's serene which is another thing that makes her a great journalist. She didn't engage in the conversation Stephanie Price:
"I think its unfortunate, it could have been anything. Elections take a lot out of people, she's not necessarily in her prime anymore. She hasn't talked a lot about it. I think if she was drunk her network would have done something about it. They're liable for her." Browning, Dr. Leigh Interview by Jordan Fowler. "Diane Sawyer." 17- 11 2012. Print. http://www.wtamu.edu/academics/leigh-browning-bio.aspx.

Stephanie, Price. Interview by Jordan Fowler. "Diane Sawyer." 24-11 2012. Print.

"Diane Sawyer." ABC News: 6 Feb 2012. Web. 26 Nov 2012. < http://abcnews.go.com/WN/DianeSawyer/diane-sawyers-biography/story?id=9380180

Luscombe, Belinda. 10 Questions with Diane Sawyer. 2010. Video. YouTubeWeb. 26 Nov 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DawmE0eeiQ4>. Works Cited Dr. Browning is an Associate Professor of Mass Communication at West Texas A&M University with a PHD in Advertising.
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