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El Deafo

No description

Hannah Kelly

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of El Deafo

By:Hannah Kelly
El Deafo
El Deafo
By:Cece Bell
-Cece Bell has written and illustrated lots of books for Childen.
-She lives in Virginia with her husband
-Her husband name is Tom Angleberger
- Some books she have written are called Geisel Honor bookand The Sleepover.
About the Author
El Deafo- She was a regular kid until she had Meningitis. She would always wear her bathing suit everywhere she goes. She was a Friendly and nice kid.
Laura- She was El Deafo first best friend. Laura helps her when she can't hear.
Ginny- She is a bully to Deafo because she have cords in her ear to hear. She is Naughty. She trys to take the place of Laura as her best friend.
Minor Characters are Emma, mom, and dad.
Main and Minor Characters
-Her Family finds out that she has Meningitis
- When she is in the hospital she can't walk or hear
-She has to visit the Audiology for her hearing
- Her friend kinda makes fun of her for her hearing Aid
-She meets a girl named Laura. Which is bossy and pushy
- She meets a girl named Ginny which is a bad influence
-Ginny takes Laura place of being El Deafo Friend.
-Ginny invites El Deafo to a party and not Laura.
-They make fun of Cece and she leaves the party.
Conflict-Everyone is making fun Cece because she can't hear,
Modern Times
Place-School,Home and, Hospital
Theme and POV
Theme-Making Friends can be hard.
POV- This book is in first person bcause It says "I was a regular kid"
Tone and Reaction to book
Tone- The author wants to to feel sad for Cece because she had when through a lot and when she finds a friend they end up being mean to her.
Reaction to book- I think this book is a good book
and I recommend to everyone who like a sad book
that will make you start crying. My favorite part is when they had started to hear a little bit.
Table Of Content
1-40-Hearing Aid
71-135-Trying to make friends
135-281-Bad Influence
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