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fiddlehead fern!

No description

karina catarino

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of fiddlehead fern!

fiddlehead fern!
by karina catarino
what is it?
The fiddlehead fern is the furled fronds of a young fern usually used as vegetables. This vegetable contains vitamins and minerals. They also have low sodium but have a lot of potassium.
The fiddlehead also has a dark side it contains an enzyme that breaks down thiamine called thiamines. it could also cause beriberi and other vitamin B deficiencies if you eat too much. In some cases may contain toxins.
Fiddlehead fern
In the 1990's the Center of Disease Control associated a number of food-borne illness cases with fiddlehead fern. For this reason there is a cooking method recomended. That is fifteen minutes if boiled or twelve minutes if steamed. Also removing the yellow or brown skin, there is also another sugestion if boiling, boil the vegetable twice with a change of water between boilings.
Harvested where?
Fiddlehead ferns grow wild in wet areas of Northeastern in North America (especially in Maine) in spring. there's other places like northern new England and of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes in Canada.
Even though there is a debate whether fiddleheads are toxic or not, alot people seem to enjoy eating it. Amongs those people are the Hawaiian one of their favorite dish is fresh water shrimp and tightly coiled fiddleheads.
The Hawaiians have an urband legend where there were four sisters with a very big appetite, they started to leave the islands in famine. So one day the chief invited two of those sisters to a great feast were he would leave the fiddlehead dish for last, and while they were enjoying the treat in came sunrise and when the sun ray's hit their skin the two women turned to stone.

There is a Canadian village of Tide Head, New Brunswick bills itself as the "Fiddlehead Capital of the World"
There are some other uses for these vegetables, like in some cases food obviously but also for decoration.
Also risotto
Chef Richmond mentioned that you could put anything in risotto during our lovely demo.
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