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MS Studies Chapter 8

MS between the Wars

Tri Nason

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of MS Studies Chapter 8

MS Between the Wars
Chapter 8
The Great Migration
After WWI blacks started leaving MS
"The Great Migration"
could escape segregation
1910-1920 about 150,000 left MS
1920-1940 another 150,000 left MS
1940s 300,000 left MS
Caused labor shortages in MS
Although blacks worked hard,
economic situation still declined
Black, doctors, lawyers, newspaper editors left, reducing black middle class
All black banks had failed by 1920s
Discrimination continued to affect and hurt black skilled workers
Despite work of the One Hundred segregation wore down blacks in MS
By WWII mostly field hands, servants, laborers were left in the state
Get into pairs and create a list of accomplishments in chronological order that Henry Whitfield accomplished
Bilbo’s Return
Promised free textbooks for public schools and suggested state to build a plant to make them
Called for road program using bricks to pave roads
Improve quality of life for poor white farmers
Legislature was under Delta control and strongly ignored Bilbo
The Great Depression hit in 1929 and Bilbo’s second term was not very productive
The Wisconsin Report
Read the section titled the Wisconsin Report and make a list of the changes that Bilbo was wanting to make to the MS college system.
New Industries
Dairy farming, condensed milk, tomatoes
Lumber Products
Yellow pines to make paper
Fiberwood, Masonite, varnish
Real Estate
Biggest boom in 1920s
MS gulf coast, wealthy Northerners escaping cold winters
Gangsters began overseeing the industry on the coast
Whole train cars of moonshine
Kiln Lightning to Al Capone
Fishers began smuggling from cuba
The Great Depression
The New Deal
WPA- Works Progress Admin.
PWA- Public Works Admin.
CCC- Civilian Conservation Corps
AAA- Agricultural Adjustment Admin.

Be sure to know what each of these did!!!
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