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No description

Lauren Kremer

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Skype.

Five Focus Areas of Success
Skype now
Focus Areas of Success
Quality of Work Life
Porters Five Forces
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Intellectual Property
Skype allows users to connections of;
PC→PC (any computer type)
Great for personal and use for businesses
Allows for text, video and voice conversations
International calling
Free 1 month offers on calling
Free for using the simple video and text chatting
Cheap rates
ie. Pay as you go rates; 2 cents/minute
SWOT Analysis Cont'd
Connection isn't always the best
ie. weak, fuzzy, cutting out
Reliant on internet connection for at least one end of the call
Harder to operate for the less technically inclined
Quality of Work Life
Protection of Individual Rights:

"Skype World"
Ability to call over 60 different landlines
- Philosophy on diversity "...efforts to understand, value and incorporate differences becomes extremely important"
-Resource groups to protect employees
Asians ERG
Blacks ERG
Cross Disability ERG
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender ERG
-100% on Human Rights Campaign Foundation
SWOT Cont'd
Not regularly used, but many people have them
Partnering with phone or laptop companies to make their own
ie. Samsung Chromebooks are a partnership between Google and Samsung
Employees are happy enough
Glassdoor review say employees rate a 3/5
Not doing much globally
SWOT Cont'd
There isn't as much of a responsibility
-Making life easier
-Bringing People together
-Affordable costs for people
Other companies using the same type of technology
ie. Apple's Facetime
Internet safety
ie. Hackers looking through your webcam
Payment security
Technology taking over want for face-to-face interaction
Challenge yourself:
Skype Making a Difference
Skype Making a change
Skype Helping the world
- New challenges arrive daily (Problem solving)
-Advancing technology (Exploring new ideas)
-Keeping up with demands

Available on TV's, phones, tablets, iPads & Pods
Replacing the phone, not everywhere has smartphones
Available through different app stores

Bargaining Power of
+ Buyers have no real bargaining power
Barganing Power Of Suppliers
+The company doesn't rely on suppliers
+ the suppliers want to incorporate Skype into their own products
Threat of Substitute Products
- free messanger, video and audio sofware built into phones/computers
(+ downside to built in sofware is you have to buy the products)

-other free calling, video and messanger apps (text plus, kik messanger, e buddy, facebook)

Threat of New entrance
- Always a threat of new enterance (apple, blackberry, new apps, advancing technology, expanding market)

-over all Skypes biggest rival is apple products
Skype Today
Skype has been operating for 11 years now
In 2011 ownership was bought by Microsoft for $8.5 Billion
Skype is available in 38 languages
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