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How Ebola causes

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Matt Kolanowski

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of How Ebola causes

Matt Kolanowski
Challenging Cultural Myths

How Ebola causes
Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria is when a group of people have simular symptoms from either an illness or event.

Ex: The June Bug Epidemic in 1962, when some kind of illness was being spread throughout a dressmaking department. All these people started getting sick and had the same symptoms. Rumor was, there was some kind of "bug" going around biting employees was a conspiracy as to how this illness spread.
Ebola: an infectious and fatal disease that started in West Africa in 1976.

Contact Tracing: Involves finding everyone who had close contact with infected individuals and watching for signs of illness for 21 days.
Key Concepts
What causes ebola are these subviruses called ebolavruses. These viruses were originally found in African Monkeys, Chimps, and other nonhuman primates as well as other monkeys and pigs in the Phillipenes.
What caused Ebola?
Symptoms of ebola are a The first signs of infection are fever and malaise; a few days later come diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Despite the frenzied reporting, bleeding from the eyes is not that common. However, the ebola virus halts the mechanism that clots blood, and gastrointestinal bleeding is a common symptom. Eventually, the mucous membranes (including those in the eyes) and any cuts or other wounds may ooze blood continuously. If you are going to die of the disease, you will usually know by about day six after the first symptoms show -- the point at which most surviving patients' condition has improved. The last stages of the disease are painful and horrific. The average time to death in West Africa, mostly through septic shock and multiple organ failure, has been just over a week. (America)
Effects of Ebola:
What is Mass Hysteria?
Ebolaviruses: a virological taxon that causes Ebola.
Almost 4,500 people have been killed by the ebola outbreak in West Africa. (Brooks)
In airpotrs, they are now screening people for their body temperature and asking a few questions about any kind of sickness symptoms. (Vox)
Mass Hysteria is caused by a group or groups of people that share simular symptoms from illnesses or events. When ebola reached the United States, many citizens freaked into a panic. Airports increased their security further with the scans of symptoms, and people are beginning to care more and more about washing your hands and staying in good health.
Control of outbreaks requires coordinated medical services, along with a certain level of community engagement. The medical services include: rapid detection of cases of disease, contact tracing of those who have come into contact with infected individuals, quick access to laboratory services, proper care and management of those who are infected and proper disposal of the dead through cremation or burial. (Wikipedia)
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