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Voltron Text Prezi Prentation

Ryan Fiereck

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of Voltron

Voltron:Defender of The Universe Background of the Show A cartoon show that aired during the years of 1984-1986. Became the highest watched TV show of the whole decade. Show Summary The Voltron Force was five of the toughest young space explorers in the galaxy. All five of them have extraordinary fighting (both hand-to-hand and dog fighting) skills. At first detained and made slaves for the sport arena on Planet Doom, they escaped to fulfill their mission -- travel to Planet Arus and resurrect the mightiest robot in the galaxy. The Voltron Force found Voltron and brought it to life to help the Alliance fight the evil located at Planet Doom The Voltron Force Keith-Black Lion Keith, with the rank of Commander, is the leader of the team. He pilots the Black Lion, the Lion that forms the head and torso of Voltron. Lance-Red Lion Lance is second-in-command on the team. He pilots the Red Lion, the right arm of Voltron,
the one most often handling the sword. Lance has a quick temper and tends to be the loner of the team, though he and Keith are best friends. Pidge-Green Lion Pidge is obviously the youngest of the Force. The "boy genius" type. He pilots the Green Lion, the left arm of Voltron. Though a few years younger than the rest, Pidge's fighting skills are as sharp as any of the Force. Allura-Blue Lion She pilots the Blue Lion, the right leg of Voltron. She Took Sven's place after his injury. She is the current heir to Planet Arius and the Castle of Lions. Hunk-Yellow Lion He pilots the Yellow Lion, the left leg of Voltron. Hunk has the biggest appetite and the shortest temper of the Force.
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