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Garden Pathways

No description

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Garden Pathways

Garden Pathways to Success
Have a Garden Committee
* 10 heads are better than 1!
* Use shared knowledge to brainstorm ideas for increasing the usage of YOUR garden at YOUR school
* Try to get a teacher from each grade level to help
* Caution: this is a VERY stressful time for teachers
* Include parents too
* Plan for baby steps
* Every time one more child uses the garden, celebrate a win!
Recruit a Garden Guru!
If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed!
* Friday Memo
-Show a photo
-"Did you know"
-If ____ is in your curriculum, you have
got to check out what is happening in the
* YouTube Garden Channel
-Discovery Ed has nothing on us!
-Film what you see in the garden
-Send the links to teachers to include in their instruction
* Staff Meeting or Training - but....

If you build it, they will come!
Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!
Keep Your Eye on the Prize!
Start a Garden Club
* Before or after school
* 40 minutes or more
* See if you need a staff member to
sponsor it
* Create registration forms
- Emergency Contact Information
- Accident Insurance Information
- Photo permission
- Allergies - may not be able to eat
- Rules: Zero Tolerance
- Parent Volunteers
* Train students to be ambassadors to
teach their peers about the garden
Or maybe not...
Create an Outdoor Classroom
Garden Lessons
* Wake County Public Schools
-"I can't go to the garden, I have to follow CMAPP." (Curriculum Management Application)
-Coming this year - 66 CMAPP science lessons will include the use of school gardens (11 for each grade level).
-Inquiry based and include use of technology as well

* Lessons in General
-Consider starting a Garden Library for teachers,
students, and parents
-Include books with garden activities
The Growing Classroom - Garden Based Science
The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids
Sowing the Seeds of Wonder
-Include information books on gardening
-Make sure some of the books are "kid friendly"

Grow-it-at-Home Garden Night
* Have a garden information night
* Increasing parental interest will help
increase the usage of the school garden
-through increasing volunteers
-through increasing requests for using
the garden
* Invite local garden experts
* Invite local farmers
* Give tours of the garden
* Share your expertise
* Plant seeds to take home
* Have a website to share even more info

School Garden Activities: Growing Interest in Utilizing Your Garden
*Have a Planting Day! Make it a big event!
-Everyone takes part
*Throughout the growing season,
have classes take turns working on
specific tasks in the garden
-by tracks
-by grade levels
*Use sites like http://www.signupgenius.com/

* Help teachers gain comfort working in the garden and become more aware of how the garden connects with their curriculum
* Find a volunteer who is passionate about gardening and children
* Give them curriculum connections so they are aware
* Have teachers sign up to visit the garden with their classes
* Have the Garden Guru lead during the visits
* Be sure they purposefully point out curriculum connections
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