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Milky Way

No description

Library Media

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Milky Way

the dark types of stars
Galaxys Nebula this is the time for ..... This is a picture of a galaxy. the milky way in almost the
the biggest thing in space.
stars in the Milky way Stars in the Milky way are
different sizes colors & temperature.
Did you know that? In the Milky way there are clusters of stars. The Milky way is held together by gravity. So it is the same for the stars.GRavity pulls them together too. A big ball of stars in the middle of the Milky way
are the cluster. intro If you look very closley you can
see a small band of light across the
sky. It is very dark when you can see this. It
gets the name milky beacause it looks like milk
floating in
space. Brainstorming Results Realisation Sketches The dark areas in the Milky Way are actually clouds of dark gas and dust in space. The Nebula is like a star nursery .
Billions of star are inside the nebula.
The Nebula is a big cloud of gas that the stars sit & explode in. when stars explode you can see the gas cluster get bigger over time. The Milky way is a galaxy. A galaxy is a cluster of stars & gases. All the sun & planets are part of the Milky way. let"s see if you were paying attention. LISten to the questions ffrom Jordan Grace And Bea. The Sun The sun and all the planets
are in side the milky way .
Thats how BIG the milky way is
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the dark area in the milky way are atully large

clouds of gas and dust in space. stars and nebula

red, pink,green,yellow, & blue. Stars in the milky way are very different. The

difference is between stars is sizes, colors, and

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