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fun facts of the 1960's

No description

Lauren palmer

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of fun facts of the 1960's

interesting facts
in the 1960's

popular dance moves invented in the 1960's were the Twist, the Jerk, the Swim, the Mashed potato, the Monkey, and the Watusi.
random facts
well known people
In 1960, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President with Richard Nixon serving as vice president.

The average salary in the 1960s was $4,743.

The first artificial
heart was put in a
human to
keep them alive
for three days
(until a human heart became available) by Dr. Denton Cooley.
johnny Cash, was arrested
in 1965 due to the suspicion
of smuggling drugs into America.
Lasers where invented Invented
introduction to the Birth Control Pill
the first video game was invented in 1962.
Acrylic paint was invented in 1964.
Electronic Fuel injection
for cars invented.

the microwave oven
was invented in
1967, showing that our culture
has stopped waiting for anything.
The first hand held
calculator invented
1965, one hundred
million dollars of Barbie
merchandise was sold

Ninety percent of U.S.
homes had a television set

Cost of a first class postage
stamp: 4 cents

Life expectancy: 69.7 years
j.f Kennedy was assassinated
On Sept, 26, 1960, John F.
Kennedy and Richard M.
Nixon made history for
taking part in the first
televised American presidential
martin Luther king gave his famous speech
Neil arm strong was the first man to walk on the moon
Walt Disney died
1st super bowl was played
Gallon of gas=$0.25

pack of Chewing Gum =$0.05
Soft Drink=$0.10

Flintstones premiered September 30Th ,1960

World Population: 3.039 billion
first Walmart opens
Language & slang used

a gas- lot of fun
bread- money
Chinese Fire Drill- where people
get out of the car at a stoplight and run around the car
don't have a cow- don't flip out
funky- cool, neat
groovy- hippies word for "neat"
hang loose- chill
Ivy Leaguers- pants worn by men
jazzed- excited
Keen-o- cool
meat- guy
nifty- cool
pad- house

Minimum Wage $1.00
the olympics were held in Rome
The Berlin wall was built to separate East and West Germany
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