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The Design Process

No description

kevin painter-main

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of The Design Process

Background photo by t.shigesa If at first you don't succeed: Write down for me everything you know and don't know about the problem, make sure you understand all the language and ideas. Ask if you don't. Turning Point Success Challenge The Design Process 2. What to do: -Find out as much as you can. Research ideas you are not familiar with. Find out costs, laws, information on materials, programs you can you and how to access them.
-Is there someone in the community who can help you? 3. Think of Solutions: -brainstorm in your group, use the internet, experts. Write it all down, draw, whatever helps you solve your problem.
How to keep going... -How did your design work?
-Can you make it better?
-Tell me, specifically in words and pictures. Use your imagination 1. You are given a problem Get in Action: -Choose the best solution.
-Build a prototype or model.
-Try out your solution, see how well it works. Be objective. Repeat steps from before, design, test, redesign, retest
AS MANY TIMES AS YOU NEED TO! Putting it all Together:
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