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digestive system

No description

Hanson Yap

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of digestive system

LET'S TAKE A QUICK LOOK Welcome to your digestive system! Imagine you're a food particle hey I'm POU And
system THEN, you'll get SMALLER TINIER and at last a TEENY-WEENY particle at first you're ENORMOUS BIG POU SMALL POU TINY POU TEENY-WEENY POU this is known as DIGESTION. to breakdown food particle into food particle BIG SMALL and been absorbed in SMALL INTESTINE not all food can be digested takes you 6-8hours to travel from the mouth to small intestine it's almost the same duration if you travel from KL to Tokyo by AEROPLANE OMG! o really??? Vegetables and fruit have fibre, which cannot be digested by the body Undigested food cannot be absorbed and will stay in your LARGE INTESTINE for 10-12 hours, before they are expelled from your body. this we call defecation hmm.... now BUT you can't digest MEEEEEEEEEE SO,
HOW FOOD IS DIGESTED AND ABSORBED? HOW DOES YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM LOOK LIKE? well let's take a look! remember you're a FOOD PARTICLE call POU First, you will be sent into the MOUTH You'll be torn into pieces by the TEETH hello! this process is called physical digestion physical digestion DOES NOT need any enzymes but chemical digestion NEEDS enzymes inside the mouth
there's SALIVA inside the saliva there's an enzyme called
AMYLASE and it digests STRACH hi bro! how's the weather today? into
MALTOSE hi we're twins! therefore in your MOUTH, there's PHYSICAL DIGESTION and CHEMICAL DIGESTION BITE BITE BITE!!! STARCH MALTOSE AMYLASE I'm a girl call AMY CHEW CHEW CHEW then you'll go down down down down into the STOMACH by peristalsis mouth mouth mouth stomach stomach stomach 2 enzymes can be found HERE protease rennin protein peptones milk droplets hihi ! the stomach secretes gastric juice
which is acidic !!!! why acidic? why why why why why why it kills germs and provides acidic environment for the 2 enzymes to function properly next you'll be sent to the SMALL INTESTINE BUT before you go, the LIVER has something to talk to you I AM THE It removes toxins from the body and it secretes BILE JUICE liver bile juice and bile juice is stored in GALL BLADDER why do we need bile juice? THINK! remember the ACIDIC gastric juice in stomach?
The small intestine DOES NOT like acid. i don't like acid !!!!! I prefer ALKALINE so bile juice neutralize the acid and turns it into alkaline acid alkaline bile juice and it also emulsify fat into fat droplets remember!
bile juice doesn't contain ANY enzymes!!!!! I'm here!!!! secretes pancreatic juice there are 3 different enzymes in it enzymes AMYLASE PROTEASE LIPASE starch maltose protein peptones lipid amino acid
glycerol bile juice and pancreatic juice will MIX together
and flow to the DUODENUM the first section of the small intestine LACTOSE GLUCOSE + GALACTOSE LACTASE SUCROSE GLUCOSE + FRUCTOSE SUCRASE MALTOSE GLUCOSE + GLUCOSE MALTASE PEPTONES AMINO ACIDS PROTEASE LIPID FATTY ACID + GLYCEROL LIPASE absorb nutrients through VILLUS blood capillaries lacteal large surface area --- absorb MORE nutrients glucose, fructose, galactose
water-soluble vitamin BC amino acids, fatty acids, glycerol
fat-soluble vitamin ADEK the remaining INDIGESTIBLE FOOD will move
to the LARGE INTESTINE LARGE INTESTINE water and minerals are absorbed HEREEEEEEE AT LAST!!!!! faeces where does the faeces go? good question........ by DEEP
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