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The Explore Media "Video Design Experience"

An intro into Video "Production" company Explore Media, their creative process, and how a storytelling focus sets them apart from other "production" companies, and focuses rather on the "design" part of video storytelling for organizations.

Jeremy Pinckert

on 10 July 2012

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Transcript of The Explore Media "Video Design Experience"

First Steps What is Your Story? a present Explore Media What is Video Design? Who We Are EVERY organization has a Path. Your Path.
Your Story. We've won Telly Awards, ADDY awards, and
have been twice Emmy-nominated for brand storytelling campaigns. We are a technically a Video Production Company. But technical doesn't
tell your story. And "Production" means a
repeatable process, done Over and Over the same way. Video Design Means we
listen to your strategy,
study your culture & mission
design your video. Video Production Just like your story. What is Your Story? a beginning a desired future Strategy Culture Mission Your company needs to
make a profit, but what's the
larger purpose? Long-term, successful companies
stand out more by how they
think than what they produce. What makes up your organizational
culture? Why does this
make you unique? CORE STORY: You don't make up a story,
you ARE your story. We create Videos and TV spots. Not just technically, but thematically as well, by crafting effective styles, emotions, and stories.

Thinkers who like good stories Web (Website, Micro-site, Vimeo, YouTube Facebook)
Designed DVD
Event (Fundraiser, Celebration, Trade Show, etc.) Concentrations Every organization has a story:

Health Care
Financial Organizations
Community Development & Not-For-Profits Whatever Medium Desired How do we tell your story in a
Video or Television Commercial? 1st Step:
Planning Who needs to hear this story? How long should the story be? What strategies are best to deliver this story? Website
Social Media
Segmented (Episodic) Creative Storytelling Decide your "Narrative Voice" Emotive Narrator
Talent Delivers Scripted Lines
Unscripted "Interview Driven"
Motion Graphic Words Plan a "Creative Device" Often called a "Hook", this is the memorable device which makes your project unique. Visual
All the Above Pick Shoot Days Scout Locations Shoot Schedule Start Compiling: Vector Graphics in .eps or .ai
Video 2nd Step:
Shooting 3rd Step:
Editing We'll Bring Checklists, Outlines,
Storyboards & Shot Lists Release Forms Craft Services Determine who is
providing food. Director / Producer in Charge of: Crew
Directing Talent
Acquiring Beautiful Broll
Managing Day Load all Footage & Materials
on Computer. Music Selection Music is sometimes described
as "Two-Thirds of the Picture." -Composer
-Royalty-free Buyout
-License Existing Song RC1
(Rough Cut One) Compile Comprehensive
Changes RC2 FC (Final Cut) Final Delivery Client Compiles
Final List of Tweaks Next... Online video with
link to share The Explore Media Your Story. Video Production
Experience Determine Your Story Transcriptions Script-Writing and Approval Cut A-roll Cut B-roll Then... Picture Lock
Audio Mixdown
Final Graphics
Final Narration original. tailored. unique. Backup-Footage Log (label) and Organize Footage Add Music Make Changes
Add Rough Graphics Courtesy Raf Stevens
www.corporatestoryteller.be - Raf Stevens
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