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Chapter 14


Haven Chung

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Made by
Sujay & Haven List the three forms of radiation from the sun. How are these alike? How are they different?
Ultra Violet,
and Infared radiaton. All of the energy is from
the sun Ultraviolet radiaton can cause sunburns while
infared lasts longer than a red light What happens to the
energy from the sun
that is absorbed by
the earths surface? Earth's
surface absorbs
solar energy.
This energy heats
the land and water Why is the sky blue
and why are sunsets often red? Sunlight scattering causes
blue skys and red sunsets.
The infared light makes aerosols
stronger causing redness.
What might conditions on Earth be like withoutthe greenhouse effect? The temperature wouldn't be controlled and it might be too cold or too hot.
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