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Billy Elliot

No description

Sam Ferrari

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot Jackie Elliot Billy's father displays Levinson's theory of Mid-life which is usually a time of crisis in the meaning, direction, and value of a persons life.
Has a strong ego
Disorganised controlling attachment to Billy by John Bowlby Tony Elliot Identity vs. Role Confusion stage by Ericson
Early adult transition of Levinson (17-22)
Id (freud) encouraged him to riot during revolt Ms. Sandra Wilkinson Becomes mother figure for Billy
Vigotsky approach Zone of Proximal Development (Scaffolding) Billy and his family's dynamics as they experience dramatic life change throughout the lose of family's wife and mom
Families development is stunted Billy's Mother Setting
Cast of characters
From Boxing to Ballet Dancing
Abusive home life
Secretive Lessons
Change in the family's perspective Every character was capable of moving up the hierarchy of needs
Billy could not truly succeed until he had his family's support
At first, Billy was at the identity moratorium status, although after he received proper love and support from his family and instructor he gained self esteem and he got to self actualization and finally he got the identity achievement. Personal growth At first Billy had Bowlby's anxious avoidance attachment theory to his father and brother
Billy exhibits Marcia's identity moratorium status
After the transition of the fathers understanding of Billy's potential, they built a secure attachment
Billy experiences Levinson's stable and transitional period in his life
With the support of family and his dance instructor, Billy developed identity achievement Synopsis Billy Elliot
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