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Racy Grant

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Seeing the Forrest AND the Trees!

Setting Up Your Program
Have a Constitution, Handbook, or other clearly established rules.
Make sure that expectations for behavior at school, at practice, on trips, etc. are clearly articulated with ramifications for failure to meet said expectations.
Have a conduct agreement sheet that is signed by parents/guardians and students. Make sure that they don't participate until you get that signed form.
How to Write your Handbook
Check with your athletic dept., cheer coach, band directors, etc. to see how their handbooks are written. This shows cooperation and builds consistency of rules for your district/campus.
Think through every possible issue of which you can conceive and address it in the handbook.
Work with your administration to get the handbook approved before distribution.
Communicating Your Rules & Expectations!
Have a meeting for students and parents.
Invite your administrator over your program.
Provide copies of handbook to all in attendance.
Get signature sheets from those participating in attendance.
Post the information on your team website and email it out to all interested so that the information is available readily and in multiple venues.
You are responsible for keeping up with your students' eligibility status.
Keep a file to prove that you have checked and that they are each eligible.
Coordinators should have their individual coaches check but should also check for ALL members of the team.
Activity Account funds may ONLY be used on/for students.
Whether for budget spending or activity account spending, ALWAYS make copies of receipts before turning them in to the office.
Know who must approve spending and do all POs or PRs in plenty of time.
Get approval before spending money.
Turn receipts in ASAP as well as extra money.
Make sure that your administration knows your practice schedule.
Keep your door open when students are alone with you in your room.
Put all of your activities on the campus calendar or send a copy of your schedule to your administrator(s).
Invite your administration to:
District Competition
In class debates/presentations to critique
Invitational tournament
Keep your teachers and office informed about:
Use of facilities (make sure that you reserve all facilities WELL in advance as according to your campus/district procedures)
Student absences
Keep your classroom instruction and management at the same level of expectation, supervision and active student engagement expected of any class in school.
Know who is allowed to transport students in school vehicles.
Know who is allowed to transport students in personal vehicles.
Know procedures for obtaining use of school vehicles.
Know what you can and can not do in a school vehicle.
Understand expectations for care of your driver.
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