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CAO Presentation

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John McLeod

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of CAO Presentation

How UNC Press OSPS can add value

* We can compliment and enhance your existing publishing systems

* We may be able to find you cost savings and efficiencies

* We can guide business planning based on your goals and mission

* We can advise on best practices and industry standards

* We stay on top of scholarly publishing trends and emerging publishing platforms
We will initially provide services in three major areas

* Editorial, design, and production (including printing)

* Sales, marketing, and distribution

* Intellectual property, copyright, and subsidiary rights

Types of publishing projects

* Open access digital works

* Print and digital journals

* Print and digital books and textbooks

* Print and digital course packs and supplemental materials

* Open educational resources (OERs)

* Audio books and educational materials

* Conference and symposia proceedings

* Transforming rare manuscripts and out-of-copyright works into accessible books and eBooks

* Publishing from institutional repositories

Campus visits starting in late 2015 and early 2016

We are coordinating initial visits with head librarians. We would like to be connected with people on campus engaged in scholarly publishing who may need our help.

* research centers and institutes engaged in publishing

* OER coordinators

* institutional repository directors

* faculty who are independently publishing journals

John McLeod, Director of the Office of Scholarly Publishing Services
(919) 962-8419
Twitter: @UNCPressOSPS
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