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No description

William Barber

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of DO NOW

M: In your seat
V: Level 0
P:Answer the following on your DO NOW

With the person next to you...
Talk about your list...

Do you agree/disagree?

Choose one of the appropriate graphs to express your data.
1. What will the best way to present this data be?
2. What will you need?
3. Make sure all plots have appropriate axis and range.
Bar graph your data
Analyze your data.. on a seperate piece of paper
Include the following in your analysis..
- 1. Do you see a trend?
- 2. How would this graph correlate if we were talking about weight instead of mass?
- 3. Any outliers or errors that need to potentially be addressed?
Renzulli-Work Period
Using Google sheets

Plug in your data into the app google sheets on your chrome book
1.Have column A be all the label's you will use
2. Have column B have all the measurements collected in class.

-Be creative change graphs colors/pictures.
-Have a title
-Could you use different types of charts? You DECIDE!!!!

When completed email to barberw@newlondon.org
Mini Lesson-Renzulli
Do Now: Could you find anywhere, where there is no matter?
Write down similarities and differences you notice with these graphs
Work Period.
- x & y axis where are they?
-Making an appropriate range.
-Have each item labeled.
-Have an appropriate check list
Mini Lesson
The Skeleton of a Graph
Appropriate Range for your numbers
What supplies did you use?
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