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Lifestyle of the Pilgrims

No description

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Lifestyle of the Pilgrims

In order to get food, the Pilgrim's had to grow it. The Pilgrims would plow their fields to get food.
The Women during this time would cook and clean the house while the men were out working in the fields.
A Pilgrim's Home
The Pilgrims lived in homes
very differently from our homes.
During the time of the Pilgrims, they would make things like butter which most people now would buy in a store.
The Pilgrims landed on the shore of Plymouth Rock in the year 1620
When the Pilgrims sailed to America on the Mayflower, they landed on Plymouth Rock.
The Pilgrims dressed very differently than we do now.
Lifestyle of the Pilgrims
When the Pilgrims first came to Plymouth, they did not have any schools. The children had to help their parents work. They learned how to do everyday tasks.
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