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Ai Weiwei

human rights issue

amol khot

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of Ai Weiwei

Are the activists getting a voice? China and activists Ai Weiwei was a political artist who recently got arrested at Beijing Airport
for "economic crimes". Artist Anish Kapoor, condemned China's "barbaric detention
of Ai Weiwei." He said artists must speak with a "communal voice". In the article Kapoor says he wants galleries world wide to close for a day in protest. Weiwei's sister has been given no information of where her brother was being detained or whether he had been charged with a crime. Kapoor also complains "it's a month now that the poor man has been held without a voice, but not only that his family doesn't even know where he is." "It does bear witness to the barbarity if governments if they're that paranoid that they have to put away artists. It's a ridiculous situation. To Kapoor this arrest seriously questions China's
commitment to human rights This may be violating "freedom of speech".
freedom of speech means the right to give your opinion,
and it also means that your opinion will be listened to.
China is violating this because it is locking away a person
and not letting him talk to the outside world. This may also be denying Weiwei the right to
express his artist views. Many of his works are a bit anti-government and many suspect his arrest may be because of this. A foreign and commonwealth spokesman said the British government was deeply concerned
about the disappearance of activists, artists, journalists and others who dared to exercise their
right of freedom of expression. http://images.smh.com.au/2011/04/03/2277291/Ai_WeiWei-420x0.jpg
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