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Pull Factors of Florida

Link for push factors: http://prezi.com/0ycz-n26uk68/push-factors-of-florida/

Nicole Collier

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Pull Factors of Florida

Alexis Collier, Robbie Prestin, Lauren Blair
United States of America


There are 1962 elementary schools, 604 middle schools, and 926 high schools. So if you have kids school is not something you should worry about. If you are an adult don't worry about college cause there are 28. You will be sure to find one that's right for you.
Disney World: Great for families and have lots of fun within a great environment.
Universal Studios: Also great like Disney World. Great attractions and great tourist spots.
Cruises: Cruises leave from Florida every year with people awaiting a fun vacation.
The shape of the state is a peninsula, meaning the banks are open to abundant water sources.
The highest populations city Jacksonville, where there are waterways.
1,800 Miles of coastline means more family fun, water trade and productivity in new ways.
Weather; Climate
Beaches: Great during the summer when heat hits hardest; also brings in cool land and sea breezes.
Great Weather: The weather is fair and warm; nice and not too hot!
Average Rainfall in Florida is 37.07 and this year, Miami has recently had 58.53 inches.
Orlando recently has had 48.53 inches!
Why Migrate here?
Florida has many natural resources, one of the highest being water! Florida has large fishing ports and many eateries, attractions and aqua-based jobs.
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