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The Hero by Mike Lupica

Report for English on "The Hero" by Mike Lupica.

A.J. Sch

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hero by Mike Lupica

The Hero By Mike Lupica Characters Zach Harriman As the main character of the story, Zach's life is pretty crazy. In fact, his own Dad is a hero. Or was, at least. His Dad dies is a mysterious plane crash when he is on a mission. Now he starts to discover these strange powers in his life. Complete strangers start to talk to him. In other words, he is told to take over his dad's position as a hero. Mrs. Harriman Mrs. Harriman is the mother of Zach Harriman. This means that her husband is dead as well. This takes her a while to get over, but she is finally able to do so. She keeps herself busy trying to help run a campaign for Senator Kerrigan to become president, while trying to keep her's and Zach's mind off her husband's death. But that's not such an easy task for her. Uncle John Uncle John was always Zach's main man, especially since his father was always away on his hero trips. They would go all around New York together and do just about whatever they wanted. But then Uncle John starts to give Zach some strange advice that contradicts Zach's other role model and helper. Kate Kate was Zach's best friend. She was there for him through thick and thin, ups and downs. So he constantly looked to her for advice. Kate becomes a huge factor in the book by just being there. She encourages Zach to do things and helps her with all sorts of stuff. But the problem is, Zach can't get away with anything when she is around; she reads him like a book. Mr. Herbert Mr. Herbert appears to Zach when he is looking at the site of his dad's plane crash. Mr. Herbert seems to know all about his and his father. Zach just doesn't know how. Mr. Herbert is very confusing, and even Uncle John doesn't want Zach listening to him. But eventually, Zach finds out who Mr. Herbert really is. Setting The book takes place in the heart of New York City. Zach is constantly walking around and finding new problems to solve. The main three places he is at is his home, his school, and don't forget Central Park. This effects the story because many big events happen in New York City, given Zach more hero action and chances to save people. Not quite the same kind of hero... Conflict Summary Significant Quote Recommendation The conflict in this book is that Zach has to try to figure out what it means to be a hero. He has two different people telling him what to do, but they are both giving him mixed messages. So Zach has to figure out which one is telling the truth. On top of that, Zach has to deal with all of the enemies that continue to attack him. He has to balance his hero life with his real one, without letting people know that he is a superhero. The novel written by Mike Lupica is about a teenage kid named Zach Harriman. But the twist in his life was that his dad was a super hero. Until he died in a mysterious plane crash. This gets Zach curious. So he decides to go investigate the plane crash site (against his mom's will) and meets a strange man who seems to have special powers as well. Zach then continues to see the man and figures out that he too is a super hero, possessing the same powers his dad had. The problem is that his uncle doesn't trust the man, and Zach looks up to his uncle greatly. So Zach has to figure out who to trust, on top of balancing his normal life, with his hero life. "'You should trust me because I was the one who first told your father he had the magic in him,' Mr. Herbert said. He tried to hand the coin back to Zach, but Zach pulled his hand away, as if touching it would be like touching a hot stove. 'Don't be afraid, boy,' the old man said. 'You've got the magic, too.'"
-page 116 Central Park I think that this book was really good. It included many interesting characters and had a great plot, including multiple conflicts. Even though it did include make-believe things such as magic, it was still awesome. People who like this book would probably be into fantasy or things that relate to superheroes, because it involves a lot of "superhero magic".
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