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Reframing Chewing Gum

A Crash Course on Creativity - Assigment

Eli Bang Bang

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Reframing Chewing Gum

What for? Chewing "The Gum that connects
to the world" Chewing Gum Reframing Anti-stress Conventional Uses New Perspective Stick things If you are hungry, why not? Create Art Connect to people Have fun while chewing How to get
all of these?? Humanitarian Help Our Gum campaign together with UNICEF Unicef sells chewing gums called "shareyourgum". The price is a bit higher than normal (e.g. 2€ in Europe). With vitamins A,B,C & Fl.
Buying this gum you help not only the organization, you also contribute to the cause. (Money will be used for humanitarian help).
The chewing gum includes in its bundle a QR that leads you to the site: www.shareyourgum.com
This site is a gummy community.
You must set up your profile: user name, nationality...
Then you should take a picture of yourself with the chewing gum.
You got your chewing gum partner picture with his username. So now you can contact him. Long term campaign One day campaign Unicef proposes to create an artistic wall made exclusively by chewing gums at each Unicef facility/stands.
Visitors can buy there a chewing gum and stick it to the wall, no matter the shape, color... Freedom for the artist.
Once done, all walls will be posted at the site www.shareyourgum.com. Users can vote for the most creative wall. Uses Campaign Thank you for your attention
Thank you for gumming To make it clear: How might the picture be... Chew the gum
Stretch the gum from your mouth and stick one side in some place, wall...
Take now a picture showing your stretched gum. Wait for your new friend!! Why is that for? Our software will match your picture to another one giving you the feeling that you are sharing a gum. Now you are connected. You will also get his/her user name so you can keep in touch. + user name to contact
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